Difference Between Academic and Dissertation Writers

By: | Updated: Mar-10, 2023
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Are you looking for top-notch writing specialists to cover you for an academic project? Well, then, you’ve come to the right place! This post will share the best academic writers available for hire. You’ll get familiar with their rates and years of experience and will be able to find just the right match for your business.

Stay tuned, and enjoy!

Difference Between Academic and Dissertation Writers

Main Challenges

The core problem for many writers is a lack of expertise in the specific field. Whether it’s medicine or engineering specialty, business owners want to achieve great results, and therefore, they need professionals who understand the industry inside out.

Academic writers, on the other hand, are related to a particular occupation and can share valuable insights. Besides SEO writers, they create content in a different style, pursuing a more formal tone. To get a well-researched and impactful copy, you’ll need to hire a professional who can understand your needs and the pains of the target audience. Let’s review the best professionals out there on the job market!

Dr. Marcia T.

Resided in Australia, Marcia T. works with grant proposal development. She has been assisting with attracting $27 million in Australian and International grant funding, and her overall experience counts more than 16 years.

The former clients of Dr. Marcia T. acknowledge her as a consummate and dedicated professional. She provides business support and consultancy service to community groups, including developing strategic plans, business plans, annual reports, grant applications, project proposals, tenders, etc.

The writer has her own article writing tips she gladly uses in various projects. Her rates start from $50 per hour.

Jessica H.

Jessica H. works with companies, nonprofits, colleges, and universities. She specializes in Social Science (with a particular focus on Research development) and content writing.

The writer has over six years of experience; she completed over 30 academic papers, created a blog on mental health, and published hundreds of research articles. She’s passionate about topics related to social justice, including:

  • Race;
  • Gender;
  • Sexuality

Her rates start from $50 per hour, but you’ll enjoy communicating with Jessica H every minute. She can boost any research paper with up-to-date information and vivid examples.

Kym D. @whiteshepherd

Kym D. is an Australian freelance writer with a strong passion for words. She’s a professional journalist with experience across all facets of the publishing industry. She will ask you the right questions in the discovery phase, translating the ideas into the right content.

Why hire Kym D.?

  • 20+ years of journalistic experience;
  • High quality of work;
  • Budget-friendly prices.

The writer is well familiar with the following:

  • Product descriptions;
  • Ebook ghostwriting;
  • Copywriting and proofreading;
  • Technical/procedural writing;
  • Corporate publishing.

Her rates start from $40 per hour.

Nicole D. @davisnicoleez

An experienced writer and proofreader, passionate about putting words in the correct order. Nicole D. guarantees engaging, interesting, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content.

Besides, the writer is great at formatting: she knows the tiny details and differences between APA, Harvard, IEEE, Chicago, MLA, and OSCOLA. Plus, she provides FREE Turnitin Reports and solution files to assure the clients of 100% unique text.

Why hire Nicole D.?

  • 10+ years of writing and editing experience;
  • Timely delivery;
  • Researched SEO keyword approach.

Nicole D. specializes in creating blog posts, SEO articles, SEO website content, Resume, Cover letter, business plans, speeches, and other written pieces. She’s also capable of writing efficient landing pages and sales materials. Her rates start from $35 per hour.

Rabia Shaikh @AneesaIBA

A talented professional with significant experience working with clients and finding their needs. As a content creation expert & versatile designer, Rabia knows the secrets of producing stellar content and visually appealing designs.

Why hire Rabia Shaikh?

  • Good communicator;
  • Will give you multiple options for packaging designs;
  • Hands-on experience in social media channels.

Rabia Shaikh specializes in the following areas: web content, product descriptions, SEO-optimized blogs, CVs, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, etc. Her rates start from $20 per hour.

Andrew S.

Andrew S. is a scientific writer with expertise in pre-clinical research, proteomics, chemistry, biochemistry, and analytical science. He gained profound knowledge in molecular imaging, including biomarker discovery.

In addition to his technical background, the writer is familiar with the English proofreading of scientific manuscripts, reports, and grant proposals. He is passionate about delivering unique and quality scientific materials, writing for blogs, and other web-based services.

Andrew S. is one of the leading researchers under the age of 40. He contributed at least 41 publications to peer-reviewed journals (such as Scopus) and wrote numerous book chapters related to his scientific discipline.

Andrew S. resides in Italy, and his rates start from $20 per hour.

Bisma S. @ExpertLive

A professional with 2+ years of experience in academic writing. Bisma is passionate about researching new topics and improving her expertise in the existing ones. She has the necessary skills to complete clients’ requirements on time.

Why hire Bisma S.?

  • 5-star rating;
  • Impeccable work quality;
  • Master’s degree in Marketing and HR.

Bisma S. specializes in the following topics: English Literature, Economics & Finance, Business Plans, Marketing, Religious Studies, History, Case Studies, Thesis, Report Writing, Summaries, Research Paper, Proposal & Resume, and Cover Letter. Her rates start from $7 per hour.

The Bottom Line

Who said that writing is easy? It doesn’t seem so for academic associates, who are drowning in paperwork daily. Research reports, grant copies, and speeches are the tip of the iceberg related to academic writing.

You can find the best academic writers on such platforms as Upwork and Freelancer. You may also browse the LinkedIn profiles to find the best match and review the relevant portfolio.

When looking for a freelance writer, pay attention to their topics of expertise, how long they are in the profession and the hourly rate they charge. Make sure to check the portfolio and the basic advice — don’t rush. High speed is not for this process; stay cold-minded and careful to get yourself the best academic content.

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