Difference between Birkenstock and Birki’s

By: | Updated: Feb-10, 2020
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Birkenstock is a famous brand of sandals and other types of shoes. They are known to make comfortable footwear that somehow conform to the wearer’s feet. Apart from Birkenstock, there are other types of sandals and clogs that people call “Birki’s.” So are they the same brand? Or are they different from each other? Continue reading to find out.

Summary Table

Birkenstock Birki’s
A German brand of sandals and shoes A brand created by the Birkenstock company
Started in 1774 Created in 1993
Offers sandals and shoes in leather and suede material Offers water-friendly sandals and clogs
Comes in classic, timeless styles and warm, comfortable colors Comes in expressive, spirited, and colorful prints and patterns


A pair of Birkenstocks

Birkenstock is a popular brand of sandals and shoes. The company started in 1774 and has been around for over 200 years. Birkenstock makes sandals and shoes that are made of leather and suede. They are popular for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds, which consumers find really comfortable. Their designs come in classic, timeless styles and with warm colors.

A pair of Birki’s

Birki’s is brand created by the Birkenstock founding family. It was created in 1993 as a separate company. Birki’s offers water-friendly sandals and clogs catering mostly to younger markets. They wanted to design fun, expressive, and spirited footwear. The styles come in colorful prints and patterns.

Birkenstock vs Birki’s

The main difference between Birkenstock and Birki’s boils down to heritage as well as the styles and designs that the brands currently offer. Both brands belong to the Birkenstock founding family. However, Birkenstock is the original footwear brand that came out over 200 years ago. Birki’s, on the other hand, was created as a separate company in 1993, to address the needs and styles of the modern consumer.

Some people think that “Birki’s” is just an abbreviation of the brand “Birkenstock.” Still others fear that the shoes branded as Birki’s were mere knock-offs of true Birkenstocks. Due to this, they believed that the quality of Birki’s shoes were inferior to that of the authentic Birkenstock brand.

Nevertheless, these fears were addressed by an ad campaign of Birki’s that showcased the fun and creative range of the Birki’s brand. It was also used to dispel the negative images or impressions of the brand.

Both Birkenstock and Birki’s come in leather and suede sandals. Birkenstock sandals and shoes come in classic and timeless styles. These styles are the ones that made Birkenstock such a unique and recognizable brand. To date, they also offer some non-leather materials but still keep their traditional designs and warm colors.

Birki’s brand offers fun and colorful designs. It caters to those with spirited and expressive lifestyles. They also have water-friendly sandals and clogs. Moreover, Birki’s shoes come in more vibrant prints and patterns.

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