Difference between Faith and Hope

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When you have high expectations and need things to work out a certain way, do you have faith or do you have hope? Are these two concepts interchangeable and if so, in all contexts? If you do not know how to answer this question now, keep reading and we can figure it out together. Let’s find see what is the difference between faith and hope.

Summary Table

Has a religious connotationIs universal but can also be used in a religious context
Implies trust in a higher beingIs an optimistic outlook
It implies understanding when the outcome is not necessarily the one desiredEasily adapts to a new situation and powers the individual
It is an issue of trust and loyaltyIt is an issue of will
One can live without faith, even in the religious contextOne cannot live without hope


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Faith means trust and belief in something or someone. It comes along with the idea of loyalty and it often must go unquestioned. The word goes hand in hand with religion and is often used as a synonym for different religions. The concept exists in all religions, and it implies having followers trust that everything will work out fine and that is it the will of a higher power that things go a certain way.

Having faith can also imply a form of renunciation of personal desires and expectations. One must have faith that things will work out but also that no matter the result, they worked out for the best. Having faith means trusting that superior power or powers to do what is right and accepting the result.

Hope is an attitude of the mind and a way to predict a very optimistic outcome. It is a wish that things turn out in a certain way. The opposite of hope is hopelessness, which can cause an individual to give up the fight. Having hope means struggling further in a difficult situation and expecting things to sort themselves out at least a bit. It implies a bit of chance and good luck and a general expectation that things settle just right.

Faith vs Hope

Faith has a religious connotation, whereas hope is universal. Otherwise, they are both used in religious contexts, as all religions like to have all things good spring from the same source.

Another difference between faith and hope lies in the fact that faith requires a certain kind of abandonment, blind trust and understanding and acceptance of the outcome. Hope is an optimistic outlook and an expectation of a solution (no matter where it comes from). It powers the will of the individual to keep struggling until the situation gets easier to solve.

Religious people have faith that their god will guide them through, but they must also accept the fact that the outcome they are wishing may not also be the outcome their god has in store for them. Hope, however, is more of an encouragement and a power source. One can hope for things to get better and be able to pull through.

A person can function without faith, but they cannot function without hope. A hopeless and desperate situation can lead to lack of action, and lack of action cannot lead to a solution of any kind.

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