Difference between a Mohawk and a Fohawk

By: | Updated: Dec-5, 2017
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There are different types of hairstyles that people go for these days. Styles can range from the common clean cut to the more adventurous hair statements. A person’s haircut can add minimal to drastic changes to1 one’s overall look. Some even say that the hairstyle you pursue says a lot about your personality. In this article, we’re going to talk about two hairstyles that are a little similar but quite diverse in a lot of aspects. These are mohawks and fohawks. Read on to find out about their differences.

Summary Table

Mohawk Fohawk
Only the midline hair is intact; the rest of the head is completely shaved Long midline portion of the hair but the rest of the hair is cut short
More drastic hairstyle Moderate type of hairstyle
Gothic, punk rock look Laid back, cool appearance
Not meant for formal occasions Style for any type of occasion


A mohawk

A mohawk is an unusual hairstyle which is much like a rooster’s comb. Such a hairdo is very conspicuous. The term “mohawk” was originally derived from an indigenous group of people in North America known to be from the Mohawk nation. The “mohawk style” was noted to be a popular hairstyle among the brave men of the tribe. Other terms that are used to describe this type of hairstyle are “mohican” and “iro.” The term “iro” is used in reference to the same indigenous group, as they were also called the Iroquois Indians.

The mohawk is achieved by shaving almost the whole head except for the midline, stretching from the border of the forehead down to the nape of the neck. The strip of hair left down the center of the head can either be short or grown long and spiked. The spiked effect is achieved with the use of a hairspray, gel, or mousse. Some people even apply hair color to make it stand out more. The mohawk is considered a high-maintenance type of hairstyle as it requires continuous shaves, trims, and application of hair products.

A fohawk

A fohawk is a moderate type of hairstyle, which copies the form of a mohawk. The term “fohawk” is just the shortened version of “faux hawk,” which refers to a “fake mohawk.” This particular hairstyle is popular among males and provides that laid back and cool look. There are two ways of styling a fohawk. For one, you can simply pile up all the hair at the midline of your head and stretch them upwards. The style is held up with the use of very strong hold gels. Others do it by keeping the hair at the center of the head longer than the sides. The hair at the sides is cut shorter but not shaved off completely.

The spikes in the middle of the head is the identifiable trait of a fohawk. This is not a drastic hairstyle since the sides of the head are not completely bald. Moreover, most people do not add color to this type of hairstyle. The fohawk is a style which is good for any type of occasion. It doesn’t draw too much attention but is regarded as an attractive style.

Mohawk vs Fohawk

What is the difference between a mohawk and a fohawk? A mohawk is a drastic hairstyle wherein only the midline hair length is intact and the rest of the hair is completely shaved. A fohawk, on the other hand, is a more moderate hairstyle with a long midline portion of hair combed up together but with the rest of the hair still present. The mohawk gives a more gothic, punk rock look whereas the fohawk provides a more laid back and cool appearance. Mohawks are not meant for formal occasions unlike the fohawk, which is acceptable for any type of occasion.

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