Difference between Volkswagen Beetle and Super Beetle

By: | Updated: Feb-10, 2020
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Beetles are iconic cars that have been around since 1938. The Beetle has been noted to be the longest running car in existence. In 1971, Volkswagen (Bettle manufacturer), came up with another model which they called the Super Beetle. These cars have attracted a lot of followers. To date, there are several enthusiasts who have set up different clubs focused on their love for either the Beetle or the Super Beetle. To get a clearer picture on the differences between the two, continue reading this article.

Summary Table

Beetle Super Beetle
Shorter in length 3.2 inches longer
Narrower in width 1.4 inches wider
Weighs a little less Weighs 100 lbs. heavier
Less storage space Provides 43% more storage space
Has a front torsion bar suspension Has a MacPherson strut front suspension


A standard Beetle

The Beetle or the standard Beetle is a car produced by Volkswagen in 1938. Apart from “Beetle,” the name “Bug” was also quickly embraced by the public. In terms of size, the Beetle is shorter and narrower than most of the other cars in the market. It also has less storage space. The standard Beetle is equipped with a front torsion bar suspension.

A Super Beetle

The Super Beetle was introduced in 1971 to help Volkswagen compete with other more technologically advanced car models in the market. This new Bug has a slightly different look and now has a MacPherson strut front suspension. It also provides its owners more storage space.

Beetle vs Super Beetle

The main differences between the standard Beetle and the Super Beetle are in the front suspensions as well as the storage space. Standard Beetles have front torsion bar suspensions, while Super Beetles are equipped with MacPherson strut front suspensions and coil spring set ups. Due to this change, the ride quality and turning radius is improved, which was very evident in road tests. In terms of storage space, the Super Beetle is 43% more roomy than the standard Beetle.

When it comes to the overall body size, the Super Beetle is just 3.2 inches longer, 1.4 inches wider, and 100 pounds heavier than the standard Beetle. Nonetheless, the slight increase in length allowed the spare tire to be stored flat in the trunk. With the spare tire out of the way, owners have more space for groceries or luggage. With the standard Beetle, on the other hand, the spare tire takes up a lot of the storage space.

There were also subtle adjustments in physical appearance. The Super Beetle has a different design in terms of fenders, apron and hood. It also has a curved windshield and a flatter roof line compared to the standard Beetle.

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