Difference Between A Pickup Truck And An SUV

By: | Updated: Aug-1, 2022
Trucks are often associated with heavy-duty work and commercial use, but in reality, the majority of trucks in America are meant for personal use first and foremost. In fact, trucks are so beloved in the country that they are by far the most common type of vehicle  in the nation. In 2020 alone, it was recorded that 161,456,220 trucks were registered, which was more than half of all vehicles registered that year. However not all trucks are made the same, and with so many different types, as well as makes and models, it’s hard to know where to start with them. To narrow it down, one should take a look at the most popular personal trucks in the US, which are pickup trucks and SUVs. Have a closer look at these two, and find out what makes each one unique.
Difference Between A Pickup Truck And An SUV
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Pickup Truck

Pickup trucks are by far the most popular type of vehicle in the US. In 2020 pickups dominated the list of best-selling vehicles in the nation, and this is a recurring trend. But what makes the classic pickup truck such a classic in the mind of consumers? In general, pickup trucks offer a great middle point between the comforts of a traditional car and the power of a larger truck. Pickups can handle most roads and loads a regular family will face without issue, unlike smaller cars which lack a bed for transporting or will struggle with snow or rocky surfaces. They also have spacious interiors which provide improved comfort to both passengers and drivers alike.
Meanwhile, there’s another type of pickup truck that’s made for tough road conditions. A dual wheel rear truck or dually truck is in short a heavy-duty pickup truck. Dual wheel rear trucks are named after the two rear wheels they have on each side, meaning that they are ultimately 6-wheeled vehicles. When compared to a standard pickup, a dually is considerably bulkier and far more powerful. The enhanced traction and stability mean dual wheel trucks can handle more demanding surfaces so they can outperform most pickups in the market. When it comes to aesthetics they are easily identifiable thanks to their muscular and wide fenders which reinforce their heavy-duty design.


An SUV or Sport Utility Vehicle is a type of light truck that aims to provide some of the terrain and power benefits of larger trucks on a much smaller frame. SUVs are also a major seller in America and have been constantly outselling traditional cars since 2015. The benefits of an SUV are better understood when compared to a smaller car than heavier trucks. SUVs are nowhere near as strong as traditional trucks, but they are a marked improvement over sport and family cars. They have towing capabilities, their increased weight helps with maneuverability and in general, their size allows their interior to be more comfortable than compact vehicles.
Trucks are by far the most popular type of vehicle in the United States, constantly outselling sports and family cars by a large margin. They have become incredibly popular due to their improved maneuverability and strength, as well as the comfort they provide thanks to their larger interior. Pickups are by far the most popular option in the market, with their sheer power and size making them a favorite of consumers. SUVs, on the other hand, opt to downsize their specs to offer models that are still powerful and capable, but much closer in looks and costs to what a car would usually offer. If you’re choosing between a pickup or SUV, make sure to pick a vehicle that’s suited for your lifestyle, and head to a reputable auto dealer when purchasing a vehicle.
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