Difference Between AA Batteries and AAA Batteries

By: | Updated: Aug-27, 2023
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Difference Between AA Batteries and AAA Batteries

Batteries are utilized in various appliances for example mobile telephones along with other portable appliances. The batteries are used to supercharge the appliances when it is not being used yet additionally for a backup battery to assure that the appliance is still functional in case of electricity outages and other similar events.

Summary Table

AA Batteries AAA Batteries
Has smaller capacity that lasts for one hour or less Has bigger capacity that lasts for one hour
Can last up to two years of life cycle Can only last for two years or less
More expensive Cheaper

Batteries come within two kinds which are AA batteries along with AAA batteries. They are both used to supercharge a device, but the major difference is that an AA battery possesses a greater capacity than its counterpart AAA battery.

Thus these two kinds possess certain differences. This article review the different kinds of batteries as well as their uses.

What are AA Batteries?

The AA batteries are cylindrical moreover they are used to supercharging appliances. They might be in various sizes depending on the gadget that is used. An AA battery is employed as a model for a cellular phone.

The name arises out of its length which is about 3 inches long along with 1 inch wide either 5 cm in length and width. The regular AA battery is one of the greatest commonly used batteries which are convenient in the marketplace nowadays.

They are furthermore frequently cited as alkaline batteries or zinc-carbon batteries. For example an AA battery should be able to be used within whatever appliance which requires a single-voltage root to power it up.

Majority of these appliances are utilized for tiny devices like calculators small radios and other similar appliances. If the device in query is a smoke alarm or a warning device that is linked to a plug socket then this battery could be used additionally.

The AA batteries can be utilized within different appliances like flashlights toy cars as well as even watches. The AA battery can also be used as a portion of a power bank which charges USB-enabled appliances once they are not functioned.

This kind of battery exists for a long time additionally it can be applied into appliances which are not being utilized additionally. Despite that the AA batteries do possess a drawback because they do not endure very long.

They normally last for around two years. After two years the battery will not anymore activate the appliance. Therefore users shall attempt to buy the new batteries at a time in accordance.

What are AAA Batteries?

Difference Between AA Batteries and AAA Batteries

The AAA batteries are also cylindrical, about two inches lengthy plus one inch wide. The normal AAA battery is skinnier than the AA battery. It could be established in various measures from an AA toward an A to a D.

Disparate from its AA counterpart the AAA batteries do not possess an alkaline solution inside them. Instead, they composed of zinc-manganese dioxide or zinc-carbonate. The name “AAA” emerges from the fact that it is the smallest type of battery and can be used inside small devices such as watches and remote controls.

The AAA batteries are furthermore employed inside cameras, remote controls, video game systems as well as many other tiny appliances which obligate a single-voltage root to power them up. The major benefit of the AAA batteries is that they are capable of using for a very long time outside streamlined loses its power.

They can also be set up into tiny devices which necessitate to be supercharged often as an example remote controls as well as video game controllers. These batteries are generally revived once every two or may be three years on the basis of the appliance you use them for.

The AAA batteries may as well be used within numerous appliances that need a larger amount of power. As for example AAA batteries are utilized within battery-powered blow heaters or heaters for tiny rooms like Turkish bath as well as steam bath.

How are they related?

Both AA along with AAA batteries possess the comparable objective in addition to being used for the similar appliances. They are both cylindrical also possess a two-voltage root. However, what separates them is the material from which they are made up of.

AA batteries are made up of alkaline while AAA batteries are made up of zinc-manganese dioxide or zinc-carbonate. They are similar in size which is about three inches long and one inch wide. Both also possess a two-voltage source of about one volt.

AA and AAA batteries are also equivalent in condition of their lifespan. They usually persist for a year toward two years. They will henceforward be possible to supercharge the appliance as well as need to be substitute.

They are also equivalent in what way they are utilized. The AA batteries are accustomed toward tiny appliances with single-voltage sources while AAA batteries are used into small devices that do not require a single-voltage source to work.

What are the differences?


The capacity of the AA battery is shorter than the AAA battery. For example an AA battery may supercharge a gadget for about one hour or less whilst an AAA battery may load a smartphone for one hour. However the capacity of AAA batteries shows a tendency to diminish as time goes by. This means that it will henceforward be possible to supercharge an appliance after two years.

Life Cycle

The life cycle of the AA batteries is greater than the AAA batteries. For example an AA battery might be accustomed for in excess of two years while an AAA battery will only last for about two or three years depending on the device that it is used for.


The AA batteries possess a greater price as compared with the AAA battery considering they are thicker as well as possess more force. They can also last longer than the AAA battery in particular if they are supercharged often.


AA batteries have been bestowed various awards for their endurance plus long-standing advantages. This is the reason why the AA batteries are preferable for use inside devices including flashlights, remote controls as well as toys which require a long life span.


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