Difference Between American Eagle and Buffalo Gold Coins

By: | Updated: Jan-28, 2023
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Among the available ways to invest in silver, gold and other precious metals, the most popular is the purchase of investment coins, that is, coins produced with investment needs in mind. There are many types of investment coins on the market, so it is worth getting a little better acquainted with their offer before making a purchase. This coins attract not only investors but also collectors. There are a huge number of such coins in the world. But which ones to choose? What are they, and what metal are they made of? American Gold Eagle or Buffalo coin? Or maybe something else? Let’s talk about this today.

Difference Between American Eagle and Buffalo Gold Coins

Types of investment coins – gold, silver, collectible

Investing in precious metals is considered a good way to protect your savings. This method of investing money has recently been gaining popularity due to geopolitical factors and rising inflation.

The most well-liked method of investing in silver, gold, and other precious metals is to buy investment coins, or coins made specifically with investors in mind. Before making a purchase, it is wise to become more familiar with the variety of investment coins available on the market.

Types investment coins

The “Big Five” – the five most well-known investment coin varieties in the world—have emerged among precious metals investors. These are the South African Krugerrand, American buffalo, American eagle, Australian kangaroo, and Canadian maple leaf. They are typically offered at a price that is most similar to the price on the bullion exchange. These coins come in a variety of sizes and metals (gold, silver, and occasionally platinum and palladium) as well (basic versions are 1 troy ounce).

The safety and liquidity of coins depend on their reputation among investors, but what about other coins?

Since the “big five” coins are the most identifiable, selling them secondhand is simple. They are also the strongest defense against fakes. The Big Five have recently started to merge into the Big Six. The name “Britain” on British coins has now been added to the list.

Other investment coins are available in shops. The Mexican Libertad coin, which comes in a variety of weights, has a long history and is well-known all over the world. For a long time, Chinese pandas have also been well-liked.

From Athenian Owl to Bald Eagle

The Athenian owl is also gaining recognition (the formal issuer is the island of Niue). The Armenian Noah’s Ark coin, minted in Germany, is also popular. It is also worth mentioning the obviously more expensive offers – the Czech lion, the Ukrainian Archangel Michael and the Polish Eagle Belik coin, the low circulation and high margin of which, however, rank it as a collection coin rather than an investment one.

The investment coin market is closely connected and pervades the numismatic market. Moreover, in recent years there has been a tendency to strengthen these ties. Its main manifestation is the growing number of limited edition 1 oz coins sold at a higher or lower markup as a collector’s item.

Perth Mint – coins from the Australian continent

The Perth Mint in Australia has long been a pioneer in the manufacture of these coins. The renowned series of Australian animal-themed coins dominates it. The Australian eagle, koala, and kookaburra are among the most well-known. The most well-known lunar series, which features a coin each year honoring the Chinese zodiac animal representing the current year, is also produced by the Perth Mint.

Pop culture inspiration among silver and gold collectible coins

In addition, various series of bullion coins are issued around the world, referring to pop culture icons, mythology, cartoon characters, nature, history and many other areas.

It is worth adding that many collectible coins belong to countries in Africa or Oceania for tax and formal reasons (the most popular example here is the mentioned island of Niue). Thus, producers receive tax and fee reductions, and the issuer is recognized among investors in precious metals around the world.


Difference Between American Eagle and Buffalo Gold Coins

As you can see, there is a huge selection of investment coins. Therefore, investing in precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, or palladium might today be considerably more exciting than in the past. However, it is important to invest properly and keep in mind that investing and collecting are two distinct activities.

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