Difference Between Bebe and Bebo

By: | Updated: Jul-17, 2022
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Today, there is confusion on the difference between both of these two words since they have similar sound. This can be seen from the web searches where people are looking for information on Bebe and Bebo. However, this is not true because there is a difference between both of these words. This article will layout the differences between them.

Summary Table

Bebe Bebo
Means child Means childish, cute, or funny
Masculine word Feminine word
Referring to small children Referring to bigger children

Difference Between Bebe and Bebo


Bebe means child in Spanish. You can use it to refer to someone who is a kid or to an infant. It is used exclusively for people. You should always use this term when you talk about a child.

Bebo is used differently. You can refer to someone as bebo if he/she likes something very much and you might consider him/her childish as well. You can also use this word when you want to say something cute or funny. If you say that a baby is bebe, it is not as happy as if you call him/her bebo.

Bebe vs Bebo

Bebe is a masculine word while Bebo is a feminine word. Therefore, it is possible to define the difference between both of these words by considering their gender. Bebe means “baby” while Bebo means “boy” or “girl”. It is possible to define the difference between both of these words by considering the gender.

Bebe has a diminutive meaning while Bebo does not have a diminutive meaning. It means that there is no such thing as “Bebo” when referring to children or animals in general. However, it is possible to define the difference between both of these words by considering the diminutive meaning.

When the word is used as a noun bebe refers to a baby that is young and small. The same is true when it is used as a verb. Bebo on the other hand means to be big in size when compared with another person. The word Bebe is usually used to refer to small children and the word Bebo is usually used for teenagers.

The word Bebe can also be used on its own as a term of endearment. In Spanish, the suffix -e is added to almost all words to make them feminine, so Bebe can also mean “my baby.” Bebo is sometimes used in the same way as Bebe, but it can also be used to express affection for a person. It is used to refer to someone who is close friends with someone else in the Spanish language.

The difference between Bebe and Bebo in Spanish is quite small, so you don’t need to worry if you’re using it a lot. This is especially true when you choose to use either Spanish as a second language. You’ll be using it so often that its small differences will sound like nothing in your ears.

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