Difference Between Bechamel and Alfredo

By: | Updated: Jul-17, 2022
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There are different types of sauces which can be used with pasta to make a complete meal, in this article we will focus on two of them, the bechamel and the alfredo sauce. These are both made from butter and milk with some added ingredients like flour and cheese, but they have some differences that you need to know.

Summary Table

Bechamel Alfredo
Originally a French cuisine Originally an Italian cuisine
Thick consistency Smooth consistency
Used for soups, stews, and cooking Used in pasta

Difference Between Bechamel and Alfredo


Bechamel is a kind of cream sauce that is commonly used in French cuisine. It is usually made with melted butter, flour and milk. It can also be made with other dairy products such as cheese and eggs.

Alfredo is a sauce often used in Italian food, especially pasta dishes. The name “Alfredo” comes from Italian word al freddo, which means “at room temperature.”

Bechamel vs Alfredo

Bechamel has a more concentrated stock, is thicker and is served with white wine (as in French onion soup). Alfredo uses cream (as in the dish of the same name) and is served with red or white wine.

Bechamel is a thickened white sauce made with milk and butter. It is usually served with meats or vegetables. Alfredo sauce is a very simple and easy way to prepare a white sauce. It is made with melted butter, and sometimes cream or grated cheese is used instead of milk. This helps the sauce to achieve a smooth consistency.

Bechamel is made with flour or bread crumbs; Alfredo uses half of it as milk instead. Bechamel is always prepared twice: once with flour, and then again with milk. Bechamel uses cream and egg yolks, while Alfredo uses butter and milk.

Bechamel is made with half the amount of butter or flour; Alfredo uses one-third as much. This allows for more milk to be added. Bechamel is cooked with butter and flour; Alfredo uses half of it. Bechamel can be made with milk, but the sauce will not be as rich.

The bechamel is usually used as a béchamel sauce to make other sauces like cream sauce, brown sauce, chicken stock etc. Béchamel is best known for its smooth texture and its versatility. Bechamel can be used to make different sauces like soups, stews and even for cooking vegetables. It is also a staple in many recipes that require the use of a white sauce, such as lasagna.

The alfredo sauce has a smooth texture and is lighter than the bechamel. Alfredo is lighter than the bechamel sauce because it uses more of seasonings like butter, Parmesan cheese and cream to create its taste. Almond milk and chicken stock are used to make this sauce richer with a more intense taste.

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