Difference Between Bed and Mattress

By: | Updated: Aug-2, 2022
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This article is written to help people who want to know the difference between bed and mattress. At first, it is not easy for you to determine the differences between bed and mattress. However, with this simple article, you can get what you need. Just read this article carefully and figure out how they differ.

Summary Table

Bed Mattress
A piece of furniture Part of a bed
Made of foam, wood, metal, or other Made of latex, memory foam, or other
A place to sleep and relax Means of sleeping


A bed is a piece of furniture which is used for sleeping. A bed refers to the mattress and all of its parts that fall under its category such as box spring and frame. A bed also includes any items that are placed on it for decoration purposes like pillows, blankets, sheets and so on. The headboard and footboard are usually made of wood or metal while the mattress is usually made with foam materials to provide comfort for sleeping.

The mattress, on the other hand, is the cushion that you sit on while sleeping. A person sleeping on a mattress does not necessarily mean that he or she is sleeping on a mattress, but rather that he or she is using the mattress as a means of sleeping.

Bed vs Mattress

Bed is a place to sleep, it is a piece of furniture used by the people to sleep and relax. Mattress on the other hand is a soft piece of material used for sitting or sleeping. Though both are called mattresses, their varying functions and uses make it difficult to call these pieces of furniture by the same name.

Bed is used for sleeping purpose. It is used by people to sleep and relax. People use bed to sleep daily. If a person lies on the bed he or she will feel comfortable as it is made up of soft material. The most commonly used material in making a bed is cotton. It is soft and comfortable material.

Mattress is used to sit or sleep on. The mattress is a soft piece of material used for sitting or sleeping. Mattress can be of various types, these include foam, latex and memory foam among others.

Bed basically refers only to the mattress with a frame. The mattress is the most important item in a bed, because it is where we sleep on. There are many platforms that are usually referred to as beds but they do not have mattresses inside them.

There are many different types of beds available to choose from, each with their own benefits. You can find different kinds of beds as well as mattresses on the market today. The mattress is the most important part of any bed because it makes up the foundation of a comfortable sleeping place.

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