Difference Between Bed Bug Bites and Flea Bites

By: | Updated: Aug-2, 2022
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There is a lot of confusion in this world about bed bugs and fleas. There is confusion about what bed bug bites look like, how to tell a bed bug from fleas, the difference between bed bug bites and flea bites and much more. These are all common questions that people ask about these two pesky critters. This article will answer these concerns.

Summary Table

Bed Bug Bites Flea Bites
Red, raised and have a small bite at the center Red or yellow with tiny black spot in the center
Occur in folds of the skin Occur in humans and pets skin
Prefer humans Less preference on humans

Difference Between Bed Bug Bites and Flea Bites


Bed bug bites look like a mosquito bite – they are red, raised and have a small bite at the center. The bed bug bites will itch, burn or sting if touched.

Flea bites are much more painful than mosquito bites. Fleas, like mosquitoes, get stuck in your hair and clothes once they bite you. They leave red, itchy spots where they have bitten you. Flea bites, in general, are smaller than a mosquito bite. The flea bite is usually red or yellow and has a tiny black spot in the center.

Bed Bug Bites vs Flea Bites

The difference between a bed bug bite and a flea bite is the size and location of the bite. Both bites are painful, but proof can be found in the physical appearance of each bite.

Bed bugs are the most common infestation, but the easiest to treat. Fleas tend to live in larger areas and have much less of a preference for humans than bed bugs do. Flea treatment may only cost a few dollars, which is much less than the cost of treating a bed bug infestation.

The bed bug is one of the most common pests found in homes, hotels, schools, hospitals, daycare centers, and other places where people travel. At present, there are more than 400 species of bed bugs. They are small insects that have a black color and visible legs. Bed bug bites usually occur on the skin and can cause itching, redness, swelling and in some cases can lead to long term infection. The bites can also cause allergic reactions and skin allergies.

Flea bites are easily identified by their single puncture wound. Flea bites are often found on the human skin and sometimes on the pet as well. Flea bites occur as a result of fleas feeding at the host’s skin. The fleas then incorporate saliva into their bite and feed off of this mixture before they leave it behind. If you see a flea bite on the human skin, there is a possibility that you might find the same bite on your pet as well.

On the other hand, bed bug bites are found in clusters and sometimes with their blood engorged. Bed bug bites typically occur anywhere on the body where there are folds of skin.

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