Difference Between Bedrock and Java

By: | Updated: Jul-10, 2022
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It is a very common mistake to confuse between bedrock and java programming languages. Most of the people think that Java and bedrock are same, but they are not. Generally, you will find that, bedrock is referred as meta programming language whereas Java or JAVA is a general purpose programming language.

Summary Table

Java Bedrock
Popular for web technology Popular for building native applications
Executes bytecode Executes machine instructions
150 MB heap size limit Adaptable to less than 150 MB heap size

Difference Between Bedrock and Java


Java is a programming language which is used in the development of Android Application, web application and other types of software. It has been developed by Sun Microsystems in early 1990s. The java programming language is a high-level, object-oriented computer programming language that is based on C++. It was designed to have a simpler and easier to understand syntax.

Bedrock is a high-level scripting language which was developed in mid 90s. It was based on the LISP language. The bedrock has a simple syntax. It provides for a highly effective means of control, it can be used to implement different types of algorithms and it can be used for creating mobile applications such as games and other types of software.

Java vs Bedrock

Java is open source whereas bedrock is proprietary. Java is a software platform whereas bedrock can be used for any type of computing task. Java is a compiled programming language whereas bedrock is an interpreted programming language. Java supports different type of machine languages and the bedrock supports only one machine language, which is called EMT-1 (Embeddable Markup Language for Text).

Java executes the bytecode, which is a set of instructions and it can be used for developing the applications. The executable file of java is called as .class. This class files are stored in the java virtual machine or VM.

In bedrock, there is no bytecode and it executes as machine instructions made by assembly. In java, it executes the bytecode for each class and in bedrock, it executes the machine instructions for each assembly.

The fundamental features of java are garbage collection, threads and exceptions whereas bedrock does not have these features. It uses stack-based language where you need to use pointers and memory addresses

Java will fail during runtime if the heap size exceeds 150 MB. To overcome this problem an alternative programming language called bedrock is used. It allows us to design and develop projects in such a way that the heap size does not exceed 150 MB. Its syntax is very much similar to java.

Both of these languages have the same concepts of method, class and variable. However, java programming language is more widely used for web technology whereas bedrock is used to build native applications.

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