Difference Between Beer and Lager

By: | Updated: Aug-3, 2022
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Beer and lager are two of the most popular drinks in the world. They both have their own unique taste, but they also have several similarities. In this article you will learn a little about beer and lager and their differences to be able to identify them apart from each other.

Summary Table

Beer Lager
Has various types A type of beer
Made by fermentation of malted barley, hops, and water in the presence of yeast Made by cold-milling malted barley
Range of alcohol content and shelf life Higher alcohol content and longer shelf life than other beers

Difference Between Beer and Lager


Beer is a fermented beverage made by the yeast of the brewer’s choice. This drink is usually made from malted barley, hops and water. Beer can be described as any type of alcoholic drink that has been prepared in this manner. The beer can be prepared in the form of a beverage or in the form of an extract. It can be prepared as a non-alcoholic malt drink or it can also be consumed as a beverage that contains alcohol.

Lager is one of the categories of beers that is prepared in the form of a liquid, which is stored at low temperatures. The lagers are made by cold-milling malted barley. The malt is powdered into fine flours and then it is used to make the beer. The cold-milling process involves mixing the flour with water, which makes a dough that is then pressed in a filter bag at low temperatures to ensure that it maintains its temperature during shipment and storage.

Beer vs Lager

Lagers also have a much more “malty” taste and smell compared to other types of beer. Lagers are also stronger in alcohol content, which means that they have a longer shelf life than other beers.

Lager is a type of beer that originated in Germany. It’s brewed by cooling wort very quickly (predominantly in the 50-70 F range) to stop bacteria from growing or souring. This produces a much cleaner product than your standard ale, which is fermented at a warmer temperature to encourage yeast and bacteria to take hold.

Beer is a slightly more broken down version of the same thing by nature. It’s made by fermenting wort, which means that it contains large amounts of sugar, quite a bit like wine. However, unlike wine or cider, beer is fermented in the presence of yeast. This yeast doesn’t produce much alcohol as its primary product.

Beer has a distinct taste that can be identified with different types of beer. Lager, on the other hand, has a very sweet after taste that makes the drinker feel tired after drinking. The taste of beer is bitter and dry while lager is sweet and sticky.

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