Difference Between Beowulf and Grendel

By: | Updated: Oct-14, 2022
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Beowulf and Grendel were two characters in the same story, and they were both famous in the whole world. Beowulf was a hero and an author of the old time, and Grendel was a monster. They both had strong animosity toward each other and the reader could feel them.

Summary Table

Beowulf Grendel
The main protagonist of Beowulf One of the antagonists in Beowulf
A hero who saves people A monster who eats people
Symbolizes bravery and heroism Symbolizes evil and an act of revenge

Difference Between Beowulf and Grendel


Beowulf, the greatest of all the stories that Old English authors have written, contains more than 3,182 verses. It has been said that “Beowulf” is the greatest work of English literature ever written. It has been repeatedly edited and written down.

The legendary battle story of a heroic man, who achieved many amazing feats is considered an important masterpiece of modern literature. Sailing ships to visit the Danes and rescue their people. There, they will battle a giant monster that eats people.

Grendel, the dragon that ate people’s heads, is the third antagonist in Beowulf’s mythology. Grendel is a creature who is a descendant of the evil god Cain and is condemned to roam the earth and destroy everything human.

Grendel is an evil man who wants to force people to fight against him. He terrorizes and sometimes devours the warriors of Hrothgar the God of Thunder.

Difference Between Beowulf and Grendel

It is important to know the difference between Beowulf and Grendel to understand their relationship with each other.

Beowulf was a famous hero in the old time and he had many battles. He was brave, smart, and strong. He was an author of the old times. Grendel was a monster who lived in Denmark and killed people.

He is one of Beowulf’s greatest enemies, but he is not the main character of his story because Beowulf had many enemies that were bigger than him.

In conclusion, there are many similarities between Beowulf and Grendel but they are also different because they both had relationships with each other; one of them is a friend and another one is an enemy, so it can be said that they both have different roles in their stories.

In conclusion, Beowulf and Grendel were both legendary characters in their own stories, but they had strong animosity toward each other.


Both Beowulf and Grendel were important characters in the old time, but they were different in many ways. Beowulf was a hero who had many battles and saved many people’s lives, while Grendel was a monster who ate people’s heads.

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