Difference Between Bepanthen Cream and Ointment

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We often use the same skin care products for different parts of the body, such as the face, feet, and hands. However, sometimes we also use them for different purposes.

Summary Table

Bepanthen Cream Bepanthen Ointment
Treats itching and cracked skin. Treats diapers and nappy rash
For adults Mainly for babies
It has a creamy texture Has more oil with liquid form

Difference Between Bepanthen Cream and Ointment

Bepanthen cream is applied to minor skin problems such as a rash or pimple while ointment is used to soothe sunburn or pain caused by insect bites.

Both can be used in the same areas but in different ways and to treat different symptoms.


Bepanthen cream is formulated to help soothe the itching caused by skin irritations and to help the skin barrier be strengthened, thereby allowing scars to be removed.

Bepanthen can also be used to help relieve the symptoms of eczema, which can include red, itchy, and cracked skin. It should be applied twice daily to the affected areas of the skin.

The affected area of the skin should not be covered with clothing and Bepanthen should not be used in large amounts as it may cause skin irritation or dryness.

Bepanthen ointment for babies is a gentle and quick application cream that acts as a wicking agent for the skin. The skin of babies is very sensitive and requires loving and caring products to keep it healthy and protected.

Bepanthen ointment for babies is a water-based cream that will not irritate or dry the skin of your baby. It can be used on babies who have any form of dermatitis.

Differences Between Bepanthen Cream and Ointment

The main difference between Bepanthen cream and Bepanthen ointment is that the ointment is water-based and therefore, it is easier to apply to babies. The ointment can also be used on adults and older children as it does not have a greasy or sticky feel.

Both Bepanthen cream and Bepanthen ointment are available from chemists, pharmacies, health stores, and supermarkets. However, you should not use Bepanthen ointment on babies under the age of 2 months.

If you have a severe or severe eczema condition, you should seek advice from a doctor before using Bepanthen cream or ointment. If your condition is mild, Bepanthen cream can be used on its own and you do not need to consult your doctor before using it.

There are also some other differences between Bepanthen cream and ointment. For instance, creams have a higher water content, which makes them more easily absorbed. They can cover large areas of skin. The oils in the cream keep moisture locked into the skin. So, the cream is best for treating dry skin, rashes, lesions, and other dry skin issues.

On the other hand, ointments contain more oil than creams. For this reason, the ointment remains on top of the skin rather than being quickly absorbed. Ointment offers more protection against moisture loss and environmental issues (such as dry or cold air).

Another difference between Bepanthen cream and ointment is the consistency of these products. Ointments tend to have a thicker consistency than cream. They also tend to be greasier or sticky. On the other hand, creams have a smoother texture and are non-greasy.

In addition, Bepanthen ointment and cream look different. Creams may be thick enough to hold their shape. They are also usually opaque and viscous. Conversely, ointments can be opaque or translucent. They can also hold their shape well.

Family of Bepanthen Products

Bepanthen offers a wide range of ointments and creams in their skincare line. They offer:

  • Dry skin body lotions
  • Dry skin body wash
  • Dry skin face moisturizers & face cleansing products
  • Nappy care ointment
  • Wound healing cream

Bepanthen products, ointments, and creams are made to treat various skin issues. They can be used to treat skin irritation, dryness, and itching. The products are gentle and effective, so they can be used on all skin types.

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