Difference Between Bequest and Will

By: | Updated: Oct-16, 2022
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When someone dies, their assets are distributed to their heirs. These assets are divided between the beneficiaries according to the terms of their will or, if no will is found, then by state law. In the process of dividing this asset, we often hear the terms “bequest” and “will”.

Bequest and will are two different things. The request will have some differences, but both of them have similarities. This article will discuss these similarities and differences.

Summary Table

Bequest Will
An act of giving assets as inheritance or gifts The document stating how and to whom someone’s assets will be given
Can be used as a verb or a noun Refers to a noun

Difference Between Bequest and Will


A bequest is an act of leaving something to someone in the form of an inheritance. The bequest is usually given to the heirs of the deceased.

Will is a document written by a person who is deciding on his/her assets and liabilities at his/her death. This document also includes a list of people who are authorized to take part in any transactions after death.

Difference Between Bequest and Will

The main difference between the bequest and will is that the bequest is given to the heirs of the deceased while the will is given to the people who are authorized by the testator. In this way, the request is usually given to one person while the will is given to several people.

The main difference between a bequest and a will is that bequest is a form of inheritance while a will is a document containing decisions about an individual’s assets and liabilities. Thus, a bequest does not have any legal implications.

However, a will has legal implications and it includes decisions about an individual’s assets and liabilities after death. In this way, a will has legal implications such as inheritance or property distribution.

Therefore, if you have been left with anything by your parents or relatives after they pass away, you should check your inheritance options and talk with your relatives about what their wishes are.

Your wishes should be respected because they could make a difference between receiving an inheritance and not receiving an inheritance.

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