Difference Between Bespoke and Custom

By: | Updated: Oct-16, 2022
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Bespoke and custom-made are two terms that are used in fashion and tailoring. While they may seem like the same thing, they are different. The former means that a garment is made in a standard way but to the individual’s specifications.

Custom tailoring, on the other hand, involves making adjustments and alterations to the garment to make it fit perfectly. This can involve removing and adding buttons or zips, or lengthening sleeves and hems to better suit the wearer’s needs.

Summary Table

Bespoke Custom
Creating a style according to suit the wearer Making adjustments to fit the wearer
Involves a variety of things, including type of fabric, pattern, color, etc. Usually referring to cutting garments, removing buttons, etc.
Expensive More affordable

Difference Between Bespoke and Custom


Bespoke refers to garments made by a tailor who has been trained in a particular craft or trade.

This can be anything from fine tailorings, such as couture dresses or suits for gentlemen, through bespoke footwear and bespoke furniture (the latter is called ‘toupee’), to fine bespoke artistry, such as portrait painting.

The term bespoke is also used to describe an item of clothing that has been specially ordered by a customer with his or her specifications in mind.

In general terms, custom tailoring involves working directly with the customer to create an individual item of clothing tailored to his or her requirements, while bespoke is reserved for items made according to predetermined measurements.

Difference Between Bespoke and Custom

There are several differences between bespoke and custom-tailoring. One of the most significant is that bespoke garments are made according to a predetermined set of measurements or design specifications, while custom tailoring involves adjusting and modifying the garment to suit the individual’s requirements.

The other key difference is that a bespoke garment may be one-of-a-kind and made only for the individual customer, while a custom piece can be made multiple times.

A final difference between bespoke and custom tailoring is that bespoke garments are made according to exact measurements, while with custom tailoring, adjustments can be made to fit the wearer.

It’s important to note that when it comes to fashion, the terms ‘bespoke’ and ‘custom’ do not mean the same thing as they do in fine art or with clothing.

In fashion terms, these terms are used interchangeably, although there are instances where bespoke garments have been created for an individual client as opposed to for mass production purposes.

Bespoke styles include suits, shirts, shoes, and accessories like hats or scarves; all tailored items must be individually fitted for each customer so that each item is one-of-a-kind.

In terms of shoes, it’s important to note that bespoke shoes can be more expensive than custom-made shoes as they are custom-made to fit each customer’s feet.

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