Difference Between Best By and Sell By

By: | Updated: Nov-12, 2022
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When buying something, people often take the time to check the best before the date on the product. The best before date refers to the time at which the food will reach its maximum quality.

Summary Table

Best By Sell By
The product quality decreases after passing this date. Stores have to remove the products after this date.
The product can still be used after this date. The product can still be used after this date and the quality is still optimum.

Difference Between Best By and Sell By

When it comes to packaging, we usually get confused between sell-by and best by dates. These dates are used for indicating how long it should be stored before you consume it.

Best buy and sell are two different things that we often get confused with each other. Although both are part of the same concept, there are certain differences between the two. In this article, we will explain the difference between best buy and sell by.


Best by is a food safety term that indicates that the product has been in the market for a certain period after which it is considered to be safe to consume it without any risk of food poisoning or microbial contamination.

Sell By is also a food safety term that indicates the endpoint for selling products in retail stores or grocery shops. That way, consumers can use these products up to the expiry date printed on the packaging or in the product itself.

Difference Between Best By and Sell By

The main difference between the best by and sell by is that best by date is the date of consumption while the sell by date is the date of sale. When food is sold, the store needs to get rid of the product before it spoils and does not taste good. This is the reason why there are sell dates printed on products.

When a product is past its sell-by date, it can be dangerous. It may contain bacteria and other substances that can make you sick. This is the reason why these dates are printed on the product.

The best-by-date tells you the day that is considered to be the best for storing food, but not for eating it. When you eat the food, it does not have to be stored according to its sell-by date. This is a major difference between best-by and sell-by dates.

The difference between best-by and sell-by dates can be confusing for some people because of their similarity in appearance. They both look like a date but have different meanings behind them, so it is better to know these differences before purchasing a product that has one of these labels on it.

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