Difference Between BET and BET Plus

By: | Updated: Nov-25, 2022
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Cable TV and streaming service providers have come up with several innovative ways to get customers to subscribe. This has given rise to new brands that are just betting on the success of their services. These include brands such as BET and BET Plus.

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TV cable network. Streaming service.
Provides 24/7 running programs. Provides on-demand videos and films.
Free. Offers monthly subscription.

Difference Between BET and BET Plus


Black Entertainment Television (BET) is a basic television channel that focuses on African-Americans. It was created by Robert Johnson and Sheila Crump in the late 1970s. It is one of the most popular networks among African-Americans and is available all over the United States.

It was originally started as Black Entertainment Network (BET). The channel offers programming and music that is targeted at African-Americans. Its main website includes streaming video clips of its shows on demand as well as many features such as news and other information on entertainment and current events that are specific to its audience.

Meanwhile, BET Plus is essentially a streaming service that is geared towards and features content exclusively for black Americans. BET Plus allows users to stream BET’s original programming and shows from Black content creators.

This is accomplished by purchasing a subscription for the service, which costs around $9.99 per month.

Differences Between BET and BET Plus

The main difference between BET and BET Plus is the cost. BET is TV cable, while BET Plus is a streaming service that offers hundreds of programs for a monthly subscription fee. BET Plus also offers a 24/7 DVR service, which allows you to record programming at any time.

Both BET and BET Plus offer live streaming TV shows and movies from channels like Comedy Central, VH1, Spike TV, MTV, CMT, Bravo, and more. They also offer the BET Hip Hop Awards and the BET Honors awards show.

You can watch the latest episodes of shows like South Park, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Community on both services. You can also catch all the episodes of most shows on both services.

In addition to their TV programming, both services offer hundreds of movies to watch online with some having full access to DVD rentals as well.

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