Difference Between Canvas and Framed Wall Art

By: | Updated: Apr-30, 2022
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Deciding between canvas print and framed wall art is a difficult task. The common customer queries that arise are what canvas prints are and how they are different from framed wall art? The simplest answer is that your decision to purchase a canvas print or framed wall art depends on your personal aesthetic. Also, your budget, taste, home décor, and the space you want to display really help select one.

Here is a detailed analysis of both choices and their pros and cons. You will know why you should pick one artwork over another. Moreover, remember that a canvas print or framed wall art is the final result of the image. So, let’s dive in to know more.

Canvas Prints

Difference Between Canvas and Framed Wall Art 1


Canvas prints are the latest photo print options to fix problems of traditional prints. In addition, they are an excellent option for creating a gallery of high-quality prints at reasonable prices. You can print around 20,000 canvases per day with the latest technology. Furthermore, these canvases dry very quickly as they contain water-resistant inks.

You can use advanced automated stretching to extend canvas prints properly on custom-made frames to minimize the risk of stretch features. It also reduces the chances for the canvas to get loose with time. By using this process, you can create canvas prints of consistent quality.

Canvas prints provide various options of creativity than framed photos. For example, you can create a dynamic canvas art display, custom collage, and canvas triptychs like rainbow wall art for the home. Moreover, due to the frame’s absence, canvas art allows many ways to show your creative skills to display your favorite images.

Pros of Canvas Artwork

Below are several advantages of canvas artwork:

  • They exhibit no glare in comparison with framed prints.
  • They have versatile looks.
  • Budget-friendly option even if you select large custom pieces.
  • Different size options are available for custom prints.
  • Less weight than framed art pieces.
  • You can also install them in semi-humid environments.
  • Multi-panel options for a gallery are available.
  • They don’t have any size limit.

Cons of Canvas Artwork

Here are some disadvantages of canvas artwork:

  • The canvas texture can be very distracting in viewing images.
  • You can not change photographs like framed wall art.
  • Open to dust particles.
  • Direct sunlight exposure can damage the color and quality of canvas prints.

Framed Wall Art

Difference Between Canvas and Framed Wall Art 2


Framed art pieces are the traditional way of putting a picture on display. Its aesthetic quality is pretty. While printing images, you can opt for paper of your liking. It can be glossy or matte. Using 100% cotton-based matte paper and framing it after painting creates a dramatic finish.

In addition, paper thickness decides the amount of ink absorption. Glossy art pieces let the photo truly pop off on the paper.

Pros of Framed Wall Art

The following are several advantages of framed art pieces:

  • It gives a traditional look or appeal to the photos.
  • There are different frames available in the market or on online shopping sites.
  • Paper prints show more detailed pictures than canvas art pieces.
  • Images with gray-scale filters appear sharper on fiber-based paper.
  • The wooden frame adds elegance to the paper print.
  • The frame preserves paper pictures.

Cons of Framed Wall Art

Below are some disadvantages of framed art Pieces:

  • The lighting can cause glare or reflections on the glass of frames.
  • Large framed pieces are expensive and need high maintenance.
  • Framed wall art is much heavier and needs additional mounting points.
  • Frame styles and colors must complement the interiors; otherwise, it would look odd.
  • Shorter lifetime compared to canvas prints.

Selecting the Right Print

The decision between canvas print and traditional framed wall art totally depends on your preferences, tastes, or needs. The canvas print is ideal for both home and office. Moreover, you can buy them at a reasonable price, and they offer various sizes and customization options. Their frameless look evokes a feeling that takes a viewer into the picture.

Canvas prints do not need any particular lighting option to avoid reflection or glare. They fit in almost all settings and lighting as they have a unique finish. Their non-glare feature, size flexibility, and descriptive colors make them perfect for home decor.

Undoubtedly, framed wall art provides a classic and wonderful look. It looks like a canvas art piece and will never go out of trend. Although they have limited settings, framed prints truly stand out and create a great accent. Both artworks are stylish and will stay for long. The best thing is east style offers different choices. So, cherish your memories with the art piece that suits you the most.

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