Difference Between Classic City Car and Pickup Truck or UTE

By: | Updated: May-9, 2023
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The terms cars, UTEs, and trucks are often used across the internet and in daily communication, but it seems many people are not aware of what the actual differences between them are.

Although they all offer commuting services and the ability to transport items from one place to another, they look, feel, and act differently. For a person who’s into vehicles, both have tremendously big differences that simply make them non-comparable.

In this article, we’re talking about these differences. We will explain thoroughly what a classic city car means, what a UTE or a truck is, and what the differences between them are. If you feel like you want to buy a new vehicle for yourself, but you’re not sure what kind you want, this is where you’ll learn all about these differences. Keep reading and learn more on the subject.

Difference Between Classic City Car and Pickup Truck or UTE

What are classic city cars?

What comes to mind when someone mentions a classic city car? Is it an old vehicle from the previous century with a vintage design? Is it a small two-seater vehicle? Maybe you’re thinking of a simple transportation device on four wheels without any specific understanding of the brand and the looks.

Whatever you had pictured in your mind – you’re right. A classic city car follows the design of a small and compact car suitable for the narrow city streets. Unless you’re living in wide American suburbs where roads are huge, most cities around the world have tons of narrow streets where only small vehicles can get through.

These vehicles are often big enough to fit a few people inside, but they lack big storage areas. Their compact size allows drivers to maneuver easily through the streets, and additionally provides passing long distances without a huge fuel consumption, because their size is small, and their engines are weak, making them great savers of one’s budget.

What are UTEs or Pickup trucks?

Although these two also have differences between them, they are most commonly listed in the same category, as they are significantly different between the classic city cars and the larger version of a transport vehicle, such as the pickup truck or the UTE.

Based on the previous, you may say that a UTE or a utility vehicle is a type of vehicle that combines elements of a pickup truck and an SUV. It typically has a cargo bed at the rear for carrying heavy loads and is designed for heavy-duty use, such as towing and off-road driving. UTEs are commonly used by tradespeople, farmers, and anyone who needs a versatile vehicle for work purposes.

Campers and travelers also love these vehicles, since the rear tray is big and spacious enough to load it with all the needed equipment for the great outdoors. A UTE can be equipped with toolboxes, roof racks, canopies, and many other items helping the owners get the most out of it.

Some people love spending time and upgrading their vehicles alone, while others visit the shops where professionals will install canopy racks, ladders, undertray boxes, and many other items that improve the UTE function and versatility.

What are the main differences?

As we mentioned above, UTEs and classic cars have many differences with the main ones being the size, weight, and functionality. Additionally, city cars have lower fuel consumption, but they also have less power than UTEs.

A UTE is bigger, and naturally has a bigger and more powerful engine, but with it, usually comes a higher fuel consumption. However, if you compare the power you’re getting, and the possibilities available with a UTE engine, you’ll realize that these vehicles are much more budget-friendly and have more sophisticated engines than the other type.

The rear tray, or the trunk in city cars is another great difference that makes people decide for one over the other. UTEs provide an almost unlimited storage area in the rear tray, unlike classic cars that only have a small trunk in which you can barely fit two traveling bags.

Finally, a huge difference that makes outdoor adventurers love UTEs is, off-road possibilities. Classic city cars are built low, with the chassis almost touching the road. This is not the case with UTEs. They are built higher, like SUVs, and have powerful engines that can go through almost any type of terrain.

Depending on the model, some of these vehicles may travel long distances through terrain that is not made for car rides. That makes them perfect for people who love going on adventures – fishermen, hikers, campers, mountaineers, and others.


These several points explain what a classic city car is, what a UTE or pickup truck is, and what the main differences are. Aside from the different looks and the size of both, they differ in fuel consumption, engine power, and storage capacity, among other things. If you’re thinking about getting one of them, think about your needs, and pick the right one for you.

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