Difference Between Crowns and Tiaras

By: | Updated: Mar-8, 2023
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Difference Between Crowns and Tiaras

The crown is a token of the royal family and also the headdress that beautifies it. Crowns are also used on specific instances, like carnations or nuptials. They are commonly used as insignia of authority and control and denote the rule of one person over another. Wearing a crown was once reticent only for aristocracy and its possessor was seen as having a close bond to the Almighty. However since the eighteenth century, every leader has been granted a crown.

Summary Table

Crowns Tiaras
Always circular Can be circular or semi-circular
Taller and bulkier Simpler
Can be worn by women or men Can only be worn by women

Crowns usually have jewels and precious gemstones in them, but they can also possess pearls. They can range from remarkably tiny to greatly huge and are made of a variety of stuff. Some crowns also have a tiny string linked to them so that they can be worn around the neck of the bearer.

The word tiara is derived from tiara meaning ‘a small wreath’. Tiaras are usually made of gold, but they can be made of other matter like silver, platinum, or even glass. It is a headdress worn only by women. Traditionally it is worn on special occasions and is intended to signify the status of the lady wearing it.

There is some jumble between crowns and tiaras. Even still they are both used to embellish the heads of their possessor, they are quite distinct. So let’s first grasp the contrast between crowns and tiaras to evade mix-ups.

What are Crowns?

Crowns are a token of strength and influence and signify the control of one individual over another. The headpiece was reserved only for kingship in ancient period. Even today, we can perceive crowns on the heads of kings or queens and other individuals with a great rank.

There are many crowns in the realm that have distinct build, dimensions, ornamentation and substantial. Several of them can be built of expensive metal like similar to gold or silver while others can be fabricated from porcelain or even glass. Some crowns have no embellishment at all while some of them can be garnished with costly stones and jewels.

The word ‘crown’ is originated from the Latin word corona meaning garland or wreath. The archaic Romans wore crowns to signify the grandeur of their might so that they could be witnessed from far off. Diverse forge and proportions of crowns were made for different intent. For illustration, a crown was every so often worn to epitomize the triumph of the owner over their foes.

Difference Between Crowns and Tiaras

What are Tiaras?

Tiaras are a type of crown and they are headgear worn only by women. Traditionally it is worn on special moments and is deliberate to signify the status of the dame wearing it.  They can also be formed out of minerals as well as in other stuff like glass, pearls and other valuable stones. Albeit they appear comparable to crowns, the mold, dimension, and stuff are usually dissimilar.

While the Kings and Queens in many countries wear crowns, the lady family member of the royal family wears a tiara. The members of the ruling monarch in some nations, like England and Sweden, have special titles or styles that are used when they wear their crowns or tiaras. Nowadays, tiaras are worn by many ladies as an emblem of refinement and charm, such as in beauty pageant shows or on particular events.

How are They Related?

Equally crowns and tiaras are headdresses. Customarily, only the people with a high level were permitted to wear them. They are worn on special occurrences and signify the rank of the wearer. Furthermore, they are also worn as insignia of might and authorization.

Crowns were first applied simply for aristocracy and the ones who wore them were observed as having a close association to the Almighty. Meanwhile, tiaras were not worn by anybody other than the female members of the royal family prior to the twentieth century. Today, with the help of contemporary machinery, many ladies wear them.

What are the Differences?

As we have noticed, there are many likenesses among crowns and tiaras. They are two together headgears that adorn the heads of their propitiatory.

Crowns were originally worn by only the royalty while tiaras were worn only by members of the royal family and other ladies of high societal standing. Here are some further of the dissimilarity amongst crowns and tiaras:


Crowns are always round, while tiaras can be round or semi-round in shape. Both of them can be constructed of divergent substances and can be bedecked with jewels, pearls, or other costly gemstones.


As a rule, the crown was only worn by monarchy and individuals with a higher social position. It is, however, not worn by anyone else presently.

Tiaras were only worn by womenfolks of the royal lineage or other high social rank, but presently, they are worn by many ladies for weddings, beauty, and other exceptional events. In fact they have turned famous among all women as a badge of elegance and charm.


The size of a crown is usually taller than a tiara. Crowns are also grander than tiaras because they have more adornments.


Crowns usually have jewels and precious gems in them, but they can also have pearls. They can range from very small to very large and are made of a variety of materials. Some crowns also have a small chain attached to them so that they can be worn around the neck of the bearer.

At the same time, tiaras are made of metal and can be embellished with jewels and precious gems. The design is plain and is usually made of a sole portion of metal.


Tiaras are a type of crown and are worn only by dames. However, crowns are not types of tiara, and can be worn by women or men.

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