Difference Between Drop Spindle and Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kits

By: | Updated: Mar-12, 2023
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Installing a golf cart lift kit is one of the most common upgrades done to them, especially by those who want better performance and to take their golf carts off road. If you own a golf cart and have thought about installing a lift kit, you might need clarification on the different types that are on the market.  In this article, we will compare two of the more common options: drop spindle and drop axle golf cart lift kits.

Drop Spindle Vs. Drop Axle Lift Kits: How They Work

Drop Axle Golf Cart Lift Kits

The drop spindle lift kit replaces the spindle that attaches the wheel hub to the control arms. Doing so adds height and stability to the cart, although this lift kit can make a golf cart more unstable in corners and very steep terrain. This lift kit also increases the wheelbase, which is attributed to the extra stability you get once it is installed.

On the other hand, drop axle lift kits are used to replace the whole front axle with a drop axle. Everything else in the golf cart is often left the same, although the mechanic will need to make some adjustments to get the spindles just right.

Lift kits can add different heights to a golf cart and come in different styles. It is a good idea to go through a list of different styles and heights to end up with one that drives exactly how you want it to.

Drop Spindle Vs. Drop Axle Lift Kits Affordability

A significant difference between these two lift kit types is their affordability. Drop axle kits are more affordable, but drop spindle lift kits are more popular because they are much easier to install. Even though they can be much cheaper than drop spindle lift kits to buy, drop spindle lift kits work out much cheaper overall due to their installation cost.


Another significant difference between the two is their installation. Drop spindle lift kits either replace the spindle or increase its length and size, leading to the wider stance and longer wheelbase you see on golf carts with these kits.

Installing these lift kits is not difficult, but you have to replace the steering arms and spindles. The spindles connect the wheels to the wheel hub, while the steering arms control axle movement.  Although it might seem like a huge project, drop spindle lift kits are recommended for people who want to avoid a large project, as an experienced mechanic can complete them promptly.

Since it replaces the whole of your front axle, a drop axle lift kit is more challenging to install. While you can use the steering and suspension parts you already have, the mechanic may need to modify them to fit and work with the new axle.

Drop Spindle Vs. Drop Axle Lift Kits: Ideal Conditions

Drop spindle lift kits are recommended for anyone looking for added height and stability and everyday driving on light trails, main roads and golf courses. Remember that they are particularly suited for off-roading because they can cause the cart to become unstable in such conditions.

Drop axle lift kits can make the cart feel more stable to ride, which requires the owner to change how they drive in different conditions. Since these kits also allow you to fit bigger tires without presenting the offroad stability issues presented by drop spindle lift kits, they are better suited for off-road conditions.

Installing a lift kit can make a golf cart more capable and performant due to the higher height and ability to fit bigger and wider wheels. Golf cart owners can choose from different lift kits, but drop spindle and drop axle lift kits remain very popular.

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