Difference Between Hedera and The Sandbox

By: | Updated: Feb-6, 2023
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Hedera and Sandbox look like completely different projects at first sight. Hedera is a popular choice for building decentralized applications, while The Sandbox offers virtual gaming space to experience any kind of fun users want. But are they really that different? And in what way are they alike? Delve into this article to get clues to these questions.

What Is Hedera?

Difference Between Hedera and The Sandbox

Hedera is a public, decentralized distributed ledger technology (DLT) that enables building and maintaining dApps using smart contracts. It uses a distributed consensus mechanism known as Hashgraph. It’s a consensus mechanism that relies on two core algorithms: Gossip about Gossip and Virtual Voting. 

On this distributed ledger, information is sent to random nodes via the Gossip process. This allows the whole node network to access data quickly. The system takes the median of the recipient timestamps to define the global transaction order. The Gossip Protocol gets more advanced with Gossip about Gossip when the hash values of the previous node and its timestamp are added to the transmitted data. This way, every node maintains the network’s transaction history.

HBAR is the native Hedera’s token. Token holders use it to access network services, pay transaction fees, and manage the system. 

What Is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is a virtual platform built on Ethereum. The whole idea standing behind The Sandbox is to create a space that allows its users to unleash their imagination and build the world they want. In this virtual metaverse, players can create any digital asset in a form of an NFT and then upload it to the game. All the NFT assets you create are stored on the blockchain. It means that they are owned by the players, not game developers.

The Sandbox platform has the following features:

  • A VoxEdit app that enables users to create voxel-based NFTs like people, animals, tools, vehicles, and more;
  • A marketplace where players market their NFT assets;
  • A Game Maker that lets users create their own games.

The Sandbox world is powered by three tokens: ASSETS, SAND, and LAND. Players use them for different purposes: from trading avatars, tools, and other stuff to buying virtual spaces.

Similarities Between Hedera and The Sandbox

While Hedera and The Sandbox have different concepts standing behind them, there are some things in common. And this similarity is related to how their tokens perform on the market., From a brief HBAR vs SAND comparison, we can gather that these coins are quickly recovering from the major crashes that happen in the crypto realm this year. 

As more people are entering the metaverse and building dApps, Hedera and The Sandbox projects are doubtful to get out of fashion soon. On the contrary, the interest in these platforms and their tokens will increase over time.

Additionally, both Hedera and Sandbox allow their users to create NFTs. While The Sandbox is a solely gaming product, Hedera offers developers a space for creating NFT games in a secure environment with predictable and low fees.

Differences Between Hedera and The Sandbox

How can we compare Hedera and Sandbox? Check the table to see the key distinctions between these projects.

Hedera Sandbox
Distributed ledger for building dApps, including NFT games Metaverse that allows building virtual spaces and NFTs 
Not based on blockchain technology— it uses a distributed ledger technology Runs on the Ethereum blockchain
Hashgraph consensus mechanism Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism
HBAR native token is used for utilizing the ledger’s resources, paying fees, and managing the network. Three tokens (ASSETS, SAND, and LAND) are used for trading NFTs, buying digital spaces, equipment for avatars, and more inside the Sandbox empire.

Hedera vs The Sandbox: Conclusion

The areas of application of Hedera and The Sandbox are different. Hedera is commonly adopted by businesses for creating and managing dApps. The Sandbox offers a great space for entertainment and monetization. Still, they have an important thing in common. Their native cryptocurrencies promise to deliver heavy gains and seem to be recovering faster than others. 

While you already have a vision of how HBAR and SAND will perform, you may want to increase your awareness about other cryptocurrencies. So, learn how to swap FTM to BNB or find other crypto pairs to your liking.

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