Difference Between Humanities and Social Sciences

By: | Updated: Jan-16, 2022
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Education is one of the most important factors for an individual’s success in life. As it is known that a person with education can have a good future and high earning. People are dependent on society. We have to learn everything from our parents and teachers. The education system in every country is different but we can say that every country has its own educational system and its own philosophy of education. We have to learn in a specific way in the right way and at the correct time.

However, in the 21st century we have started developing all kinds of scientific technologies. It is impossible to go without any knowledge of science. People cannot live without the help of science. Science helps us a lot to develop and improve our country.

Summary Table

Humanities Social Science
Concerned with culture and history Concerned with the social structure of a society
Study the nature of human beings How human beings function in society
Concerned with the history of ideas Concerned with theories and explanations

Difference Between Humanities and Social Sciences

Studying in a reputable university is one of the important things for the development of a country. We have to learn from our parents and teachers. We have to be focused on our study and take good notes. However, there are many other things that we have to learn and have to keep in mind. We have to be aware of the changing trends of the world and their impact on our society.

There are many kinds of subjects that we have to learn. However, there are two kinds of subjects which have a major impact on our society. These are Humanities and Social Sciences. Both of these subjects relate to the education of an individual.

The main difference between Humanities and Social Sciences is that in Humanities we learn human nature, values, knowledge and skills which are important for our future. On the other hand, in Social Sciences we learn about society and its social life. But, despite these, there are many similarities and other differences between these two subjects. In this article, we will discuss the main difference between Humanities and Social Sciences, their similarities and their relationship.

So, let’s get started!

What is Humanities?

Humanities are branches of education that involve the study of the arts, history, literature and other cultural activities. They help in developing an individual’s skills and knowledge in these areas. The disciplines of humanities are related to fields such as philosophy, anthropology, art history, linguistics and literary criticism.

The history of humanities can be traced back to the time of the ancient Greeks and Romans. During this period, scholars devoted their attention to political, social and religious issues. They also played a significant role in political activities.

Humanities are very important because they help people understand the human world better. This is because these disciplines involve analysis and interpretation of material that makes it easier for students to acquire knowledge about human existence in a deeper way. Students are able to understand how humans have progressed and the factors that have contributed to this progress.

What is Social Sciences?

Social sciences are different from humanities because they focus on scientific research. They study how people and societies interact with each other. They also cover the areas of sociology, economics, political science and other similar disciplines.

The social sciences have gained prominence in recent years because they have helped to solve many problems that face our society today. These problems include poverty, environmental degradation and other social issues. The study of these disciplines has provided great insight into the workings of human societies and their development over time.

In contrast to humanities, social sciences are not directly related to human activities. They do not focus on the understanding of life, the humanities and other aspects of the human world. The focus is on analyzing and interpreting data that is provided by people and groups.

How are They Related?

As we have already seen, humanities and social sciences are two different fields of study that deal with different issues. However, they have some similarities because they both aim at improving an individual’s skills in these areas.

Both humanities and social sciences help students to acquire knowledge about the human world. Both humanities and social sciences aim at improving an individual’s skills. They are therefore related to the human world and the way people interact with each other.

It is also important to note that social sciences have a great influence on humanities. The fields of humanities and social sciences work together in many ways because they provide different approaches to understanding the human world. They have helped us to improve our understanding of human existence.

What are the Differences?

Although both humanities and social sciences share many similarities, they also have many differences. Here are some of the major differences between humanities and social sciences:


Humanities are concerned with the study of human culture and history. Social sciences are concerned with the analysis of social structure, change and conflict.

Related Field

Humanities is a term used to describe the various academic disciplines that deal with humans. It covers fields such as literature, history, art and music. Social sciences on the other hand focuses on fields such as economics, political science and psychology.


Humanities aims to study the nature of human beings and their culture, while social sciences aim to understand how human beings function in society.

Use of Language and Metaphors

Although humanities is concerned with the language used by people, social sciences often uses scientific or technical language as well as abstractions that are more difficult for laymen to understand.

Uses of Science and Technology

Although both humanities and social sciences use science and technology, the way they use it differs. Social sciences often use scientific theories and theories from other fields of study.

History and Theory

Humanities is more concerned with the history of ideas, while social sciences are more concerned with theories and explanations.

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