Difference Between LCD and LED TV

By: | Updated: Jul-19, 2021
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The best way to watch Netflix and movies is to have a smart TV, but do you know the difference between LCD and LED TV?

If you are interested in buying a smart TV, you should know the difference between the two types of TV before making your decision. Although they are both TVs, there are some differences that will allow you to choose one over the other.

TVs have become more affordable and available as the technology has advanced. LCD TVs are now considered to be obsolete because of their low brightness, and they are also more expensive. On the other hand, LED TVs are considered to be worth buying because of their high brightness and affordability.

Summary Table

Produces less light output than an LED TV The brightness of LED TV is brighter than that of LCD TV (Lumens) because LED uses a white backlight
Reacts slower than an LED TV LED TV reacts 50% faster than an LCD TV with the same refresh rate
LCD TV costs more than $1000 LED TV costs less than $500


Difference Between LCD and LED TV

However, not all LED TVs are good ones. They do not have a lot of features such as HDMI ports and USB ports, which makes them less versatile for modern TV users.

But what is the difference between LCD and LED TV? Is there such a thing as LCD LED TV? Are they similar or are they different? Can you identify the differences between them based on their appearance? Can you tell which one is better for your needs? In this article, we will discuss the difference between LCD and LED TV.

Before we move on to the difference between LCD and LED TV, let us first learn what the two are. Let’s take a look at the definitions, the similarities, and the features of these two types of TVs.

What is an LCD TV?

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD TVs are known for their excellent picture quality and superb color reproduction. It is one of the most popular TV types available in the market today. LCD TVs are also known as LED TVs, because they use LEDs to display images on the screen.

LCD TVs have a contrast ratio of 10,000:1 or more than 100 times higher than that of conventional CRT TV sets. It means that when you watch a scene on an LCD TV, you will see the image more clearly and with deeper blacks than on a CRT TV set. The contrast ratio is especially important for watching movies and playing video games, where the ability to discern fine details is essential.

One other advantage of LCD TVs is that they can be viewed from almost any angle without any loss in brightness or color saturation (although some sets may exhibit slight degradation in picture quality). The downside of this technology is that LCDs do not have good motion-blur reduction properties. This means that you may experience some flickering if you turn your head too quickly while watching an action movie or sports game. Another drawback of LCDs is their relatively short life span; a full-power display unit may only last about five years.

What is an LED TV?

LED TVs are known for their thin profiles and sleek design. It is an LCD TV type that uses LEDs to produce images on the screen. Unlike LCD TVs, LED TVs do not have backlights; therefore, they have no shadow-casting effects. The TV images appear bright and crisp, with deeper blacks than conventional CRT sets. The brightness of LED TVs is much higher than that of LCDs; therefore, you will be able to see better in low-light conditions with LED TVs.

What are the similarities between LCD and LED TV?

  1. They are both flat screen TVs.
  2. They both have the same size, which is 55 inches or bigger.
  3. They both are available in different shapes and sizes, like plasma and LCD TVs.
  4. Both have the same features like IPS panel, LED backlight, and so on.

What are the differences between LCD and LED TV?

  1. The light

The brightness of LED TV is brighter than that of LCD TV (Lumens) because LED uses a white backlight which produces more light output than an LCD with a CCFL backlight (candle light). In other words, LED produces more lumens than an LCD TV that has a CCFL backlight does.

  1. Response time

LED TV has a faster response time than an LCD TV. It is said that LED TV reacts 50% faster than an LCD TV with the same refresh rate. This means that LED TV reacts half as fast as an LCD TV when switching between images and still images. The response time of LED TVs is fast enough to prevent motion blur.

  1. Less heat generation

LED TV generates less heat than an LCD TV does because it does not have a CCFL backlight, which is responsible for the heat generated by an LCD television set. Therefore, it is possible to use LED TVs on a table or on the floor, unlike other types of TVs, which are designed to be placed on the wall or on a table only. In addition, LED TVs can be placed under direct sunlight as long as they are not placed too close to it, and this helps in saving energy consumption and reducing power consumption (consumption).

  1. Brightness and color range

LED TV has a wider color gamut than an LCD TV. A color gamut is the range of colors that can be displayed on a display device. The color gamut of an LED TV is much larger than that of an LCD TV, so you can view more colors on an LED TV. In addition, the color gamut of LED TVs are brighter than those of LCD TVs, so you can see more colors on them. This makes it easier to watch movies and videos on LED TVs because you can see more colors on them, and it makes it easier to view games with more details and less motion blur as well.

  1. Price range

LED TVs are cheaper than LCD TVs. It is said that an LED TV costs less than $500 while an LCD TV costs more than $1000. So, if you want to buy a new television set, then you should go for an LED TV because it is much cheaper than an LCD TV.

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