Difference between Love and Hate

By: | Updated: Nov-19, 2017
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Our world is built on duality and man is a creature governed by his emotions. Therefore, we can conclude that he will give in to his feelings of love or hate. Also, he will experience them with just as high intensity. As a matter of fact, scientists have discovered that the source of both emotions is in the same part of the brain. Then what is the difference between love and hate?

Summary Table

Love Hate
An intense emotion stemming from appreciation and attraction An intense emotion of dislike and annoyance
Can turn into hatred Can turn into love
Could be brought upon by other emotions, such as loyalty and friendship Could be brought upon by other emotions, such as betrayal and disappointment
Makes people mostly active Is usually passive
Is constructive in its active form Is destructive in its active form
Encouraged by society Discouraged by society


A couple in love
A couple in love

Love is a human emotion with a full range of manifestations. You can feel affection, attraction, the urge to protect, the desire to be close to someone, and more all under the umbrella of this emotion. It builds on positive feelings of appreciation and it motivates individuals to stay close to one another. This is the feeling that holds families together and that makes people care for one another.

There are different types of love among individuals. There is the sexual aspect for people who are attracted to each other. On the other hand, there is the unconditional love within families and platonic love among friends.

Also, anything you feel strongly about in a positive way goes in the love category. This includes love for music or another personal hobby you do with pleasure, a beautiful color, or breath-taking scenery.

A hateful look
A hateful look

Hate is a human emotion representing extreme dislike. In its passive form, it is an internal opposition to everything the object of your hatred does. In its active form, it can result in destruction and injury. Hatred can evolve from other feelings and can stem from disappointment or betrayal.

The intensity of this feeling depends on its causes. You can hate someone because of something that has passed between you. Or you can simply experience “hate at first sight,” where a person is in obvious contradiction with everything you believe in.

Acting upon feelings of hate leads to destruction and injury. In theory, society does not encourage it.

Love vs Hate

So what is the difference between love and hate?

Love is a positive feeling, whereas hate is a negative one. In its active form, love is creative and protective, while in its active form, hate is destructive. Most often, individuals who love tend to show it in an active way. For example, if you love a song you cannot help but hum along to it or tap your foot. On the other hand, people who hate tend to be more passive about it. For example, you may hate a song but you leave the radio on because someone else likes it or you may hate that guy from the second floor but you still say “hello” because it’s polite.

In both cases, there is instant emotion “at first sight,” as they are both just as irrational emotions (not necessarily based on fact). Also, love can turn into hate and vice-versa.

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