Difference between Marketing and Communications

By: | Updated: Feb-7, 2018
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A lot of people are interested in a career in communications. Just like many people are sure that marketing will open a lot of doors career-wise for them because brands want to reach out more and communicate with their consumers and… wait! Weren’t we talking about communications just now? Where do we draw the line between marketing and communications?

Summary Table

Marketing Communications
Is at the very core of product development and business strategy Is a part of the business strategy
Decides what the product is Gives it a voice
Decides Executes
Is at the very beginning of the product development Becomes more important as things progress


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Marketing is the economic concept intended to study and perfect buyer-seller relations on the market. The term itself means to “market something” in the sense of making it appealing and helping it sell. It is adapting a product for the market and making it meet consumer demands.

Sometimes, with unique products that do not have a market, this department can even intervene and make structural changes in production, design and concept. Other times, a simple intervention in sales concept and a good strategy is enough. Product intervention is not always possible.

Marketing is supposed to keep up with consumer behavior and trends, opinions on brands, and production techniques. It is the first line of communication and the department that pulls the alarm when there is something wrong with the product and they think people will not want to buy it.

Communications represent the economic branch of promoting a product that brings the producer closer to the client. In more general terms, communication is the act of transmitting a message. It is a basic human ability and an important aspect of modern society.

Communication is very important for modern economy and commerce, as it enables human relations and conveys consumer needs to producers. As brands develop and get identities of their own on the market, they have to have a special relationship with the customer and reach out to them. This can only be done via communication.

There are various applications of communication, but the economic one is the most practical of all. People specializing in this line of work solve PR problems, help develop and implement campaigns, check the tone of the company in communications with the customers and make sure that the tone currently used is appropriate for the specific target.

Marketing vs Communications

So what is the difference between marketing and communications?

Marketing is a vital part of a company’s business strategy. It helps identify the target consumer, finds a market for the product and establishes the communication strategy. Communications are a part of the ample marketing plan.

Put plainly, if the product were a person, marketing would shape what they are and communications would give them a voice. Therefore, marketing is important from the very beginning, whereas communications are important as things progress.

Marketing oversees advertising, public relations, communications and promotion. Communications are in charge with delivering the message marketing has decided upon.

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