Difference Between Purple and Violet

By: | Updated: Dec-11, 2022
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Colors are very important because they define the main theme of something. It can make or break a certain color and the end result will be very different. There are different names for these colors, but in this article we’ll talk about purple and violet.

Summary Table

Purple Violet
  Means luxury and wealth    Calmer and relaxing
  Has numerous shades    Has a single shade
 Less flexible for daily use   More flexible for daily use

Difference Between Purple and Violet

Maybe a lot of people have already noticed that both colors have a different meaning. When talking about purple, people usually think that it’s a more expensive and luxurious color for the home.

People like to buy things that are more costly, like cars or clothes. However, when you compare violet and purple, they’re quite different in terms of meaning. Not only meaning, but there are other differences between the two colors.

Let’s take a look at what they are, and learn why they have different names.

What Is Purple?

Purple is a beautiful color that’s used often in the home. It’s very popular, and you can see it everywhere. Purple is a combination of red and blue, which means that it has different shades of both colors.

The reason why purple is such a dominant color in the home is that it’s used in luxury items. It can be seen everywhere, and if you want to become a trendsetter, you should use this color for your home.

Purple is not only about beauty, but also about being wealthy. This could mean that people who are using this color in their home are wealthy, and they have the money to spend on high-quality items.

The best part of using purple is that it makes you look very stylish. You can wear this color with anything, even if you’re not wearing luxury clothes.

What Is Violet?

Violet is a color that has your attention every time. It’s a very popular shade. It’s calm and relaxing. What makes violet so popular is that it’s an important part of many colors, and it can be seen in almost every shade.

If you’re looking for a complementary color, then there are a lot of shades to choose from. This could mean that violet can be used at any time, and it’s a really good color to use in your home.

This is the reason why violet is so popular. It can be used for different things like for example, you can use it as a background for your computer screen or you can use it as an accent on your table.

You can also choose a lighter shade for your clothes. You can use it in a bright room or in the bedroom, and everyone will feel relaxed after watching TV while lying on your bed with a blanket or window open.

The color itself is also a combination of blue and red. It’s not just a shade of purple, but it’s a combination of both colors.

Difference Between Purple and Violet

How Are They Related?

Both purple and violet are shades of the color purple. The two colors are made up of different shades, and there are many color variations. However, it’s still the same color purple in both cases.

The only difference is that violet has a little bit more red than the purple color. This means that instead of having just one shade of blue and one shade of red, you can have different shades of both colors.

If you prefer to use the color violet, then you should know that it’s not just one shade of purple. You can have different shades of violet and different colors of both red and blue.

It all depends on the color that you like more, and this is what makes these colors so popular. If you want to make your home look a little bit more luxurious, then you can use the color violet.

Both colors are used in different ways and they have different meanings, but they’re both purple and both have the same meaning. If this is confusing, it doesn’t matter because these two colors have different shades of purple.

What Are The Differences?

All colors have different names, and the same goes for these two colors. There are a lot of differences between the two colors, but you can see that they’re both purple. But, they have different shades and they look different, even though they’re the same color.

Let’s take a look at all the differences between these colors.


Purple often means luxury and wealth, so people who have purple in their home are wealthy. They can also be very stylish because they use this color in their home.

Violet is a relaxing shade. It’s calm and relaxing, which means that it’s used in many shades for different purposes. You can use it in the home, and it’s also a good color that can be used for different things.

You can use it as a background on your computer screen or you can use it to make your room look more organized.


Purple is a combination of red and blue, so if you look at the color purple, you will see that it’s sometimes two different shades of these colors. They can be very different, but they’re both purple in color.

Violet is also a combination of blue and red, but it’s a little bit deeper than the color purple. It’s used for different purposes and it has many shades that you can choose from.

If you’re looking for a complementary color, you can choose any shade of violet. Meanwhile purple has many different shades of red and blue, but you can’t choose them all. It depends on what shade you want to use for your home.


Purple is usually used in the home, so if you have purple in your home, then people will think that it’s a luxurious color.

Violet is not just used in the home, but you can also use it as a background on your computer screen and you can use it to make your room look more organized.

It’s a good color if you want to do something else than just relaxing in your home.

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