Difference Between Real Estate in Charlotte, Florida and The Rest Of The Country

By: | Updated: Apr-18, 2023
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Purchase of real estate and relocation to the USA is a complicated process that requires much time and effort. The complicacy of the procedure does not depend on the state or city. A newcomer cannot know all the details of buying real estate, so he often looks for the necessary information on various thematic forums. But instead of useful advice the buyer can find a lot of common myths. If you take for granted such misconceptions, you can groundlessly refuse to buy the house of your dreams. In this article, we will break the popular myths about buying real estate, prices real estate in Charlotte and lifestyle in the area. But, first of all, let`s become aware of the region and its real estate market.

Difference Between Real Estate in Charlotte, Florida and The Rest Of The Country

The overview of Charlotte in Florida

Charlotte County occupies the Central West part of Florida close to the Gulf of Mexico. The mild climate and warm sea were factors that turned Charlotte into a popular tourist destination. Today, Charlotte is a world-class resort center that offers premium quality housing at affordable prices. It has excellent infrastructure: hotels, yacht clubs, amusement parks, clean beaches, and top-notch services. There are no historical sites in Charlotte, but there are many museums, oceanariums and botanical gardens.

Foreign buyers can invest in a land plot, a house, an apartment, or a commercial property in Charlotte. The variety of housing objects results in the variety of prices. Foreigners can buy property starting from $100,000 up to several million. The cost depends on the type of property, location, footage, number of amenities and lots of other important characteristics.

To purchase the desired housing unit and to avoid common mistakes, let’s break the popular myths of real estate and lifestyle in the USA, and in Charlotte in particular.

5 myths about real estate and lifestyle in Charlotte in Florida

Myths and speculations are the common issue when a buyer starts to look for real estate abroad. However, we are sure that along with monitoring the forums on the Internet, it is advisable to contact the professional real estate agent. In case, you do not want to address the agent on this very step of search, look through the following most popular speculations and do not consider them true.

  1. Buying property in the mortgage, this is the only money you will have to pay.
  2. Life in the USA is extremely expensive.
  3. You can get a residential status or a green card if you buy real estate in the USA.
  4. Charlotte is a boring place to live.
  5. Only real estate on the waterfront has some value.

So, it is time to find out the truth.

Buying property in the mortgage, this is the only money you will have to pay

Before choosing the housing object, it is necessary to get approval from the bank. However, don’t expect the cost of the mortgage is the limit of all of your spending, because there are many additional fees. Buyers should include 2%-5% extra of the mortgage cost in their estimate.

Once the property has been purchased, the owner will not only have to cover the mortgage payments, but also other ongoing expenses. Homeowners pay property taxes and insurance premiums, and pay for home repairs and maintenance. To evaluate the whole amount of money, ask the real estate agent. It is advisable to do it beforehand to understand whether you will be able to manage all these costs.

Life in the USA is extremely expensive

The high cost of living in the USA is a subjective opinion that completely depends on the level of income. Speaking about the sphere of real estate, a buyer can find super-luxury apartments with advanced amenities and absolutely affordable accommodation with comfortable conditions for living. Everyone can find what they are looking for.

It is not necessary to be a millionaire to buy real estate in Charlotte, for example. The property here is reasonably-priced and has a convenient location. Homeowners obtain a great opportunity to use the housing for their personal needs and rent it out to get good money. To select the suitable housing option, visit the website Florida.Realestate. The specialists keep the source constantly updated to deliver the newest and the most profitable objects to buyers.

You can get a residential status or a green card if you buy real estate in the USA

There are multiple options to get a residence permit or the US passport for foreigners. However, investing in real estate is not the one of them. Real estate purchased in the U.S. does not entitle you to a green card, but it can significantly increase your chances of obtaining one. Any immigrant who has lived in the United States for at least five years and owns real estate can become a U.S. citizen. To get the passport, an immigrant will have to pass certain exams and undergo other procedures.

Charlotte is a boring place for living

Some people who have been to Charlotte think it is a boring place. However, the extensive territory allows residents to find a lot of interesting things here. The local nature deserves special attention, thanks to which residents of the state and tourists have the opportunity to enjoy such activities as:

  • swimming in crystal waters;
  • enjoying kayaking and diving;
  • walking and exploring the local parks and natural reserves;
  • sunbathing on the sparkling beaches.

These are mostly water activities, but the destination can offer a lot of inland entertainment as well.

Only real estate on the waterfront has some value

Real estate in Florida has a high value and boasts of huge demand among foreigners irrespective of its location. If the object is located directly beside the water, qualitatively built, the price will be a lot higher than the same, but more remote from the sea apartments. In general, real estate on the waterfront has higher rental demand and cost, still property in remote areas attracts foreigners as well. So, it is unfair to appreciate apartments and villas only in the coastal areas.


Purchase of real estate in the USA has numerous peculiarities and issues known only for specialists. We hope that this article will help buyers to avoid hasty decisions and check the information carefully.

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