Difference Between Red and Green Cabbage

By: | Updated: May-14, 2023
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Difference Between Red and Green Cabbage

You never know that Cabbage is a famous veggie with an extensive background. It is an edible plant in the family brassica oleracea that cultivate in diverse bunch of varieties. Cabbage has plenty uses both as a cuisine item and as a house fundamental item. You can eat it raw, steamed or boiled.

Summary Table

Red Cabbage Green Cabbage
Tastes bitter Tastes milder
Dark red leaves Pale green leaves
Used as salad Used in different dishes

This veggie is a very famous and all-purpose item that you normally have in your residence. You can cook it in various ways like steamed, boiled and even fried. We also often use it to make soups and other dishes considering it has numerous health benefits, including boosting your immune system.

You can use either green or red cabbage for different recipes and preparations for food. Both of them serve separate purposes, with the red one being used to add color to foods while the green one is used as a vegetable. We’re sure that you have a variety of this cabbage in your own kitchen.

So, what are the main differences between red cabbage and green cabbage? In this article, you will take a look at the main differences between these two types of cabbage.

What is Red Cabbage?

You know that red cabbage of course have a red color. We know that its leaves are circle and soft with keen end. You will discover that this kind of cabbage has a moderate to bitter taste which may be unsuitable for you.

You will see them grows in a group with long stalks. This red veggie is closely affiliated to other brassica vegetables that we eat like radish, kale, cauliflower and broccoli.

You can also call it scarlet cabbage or the European red cabbage. It has a crisp texture and you can find it fresh, frozen or canned.

The leaves of red cabbage have a extraordinary reddish color and we often use it in salads or another cooked dishes. The red color is procured from the existence of anthocyanin tincture in its leaves.

Difference Between Red and Green Cabbage

Red cabbage is largely served as a veggie and has multiple health gain. You will get a very great source of vitamin C, B vitamins (especially B6), folate and potassium.

You may use red cabbage in your soups, stews and casseroles due to its rich and very yummy taste. We’re sure that you often used this in several dishes of yours and use it for your food preparations.

You can use it as your cuisine item for cooking any kind of dishes. Along with that, you can also add red cabbage in your salad so it is greatly prettier in color. With its rich taste and many health benefits, it is the best choice you can use in your cooking.

What is Green Cabbage?

Sometimes you call this green cabbage as white cabbage since it has slightly white color. This green veggie has round and soft leaves that identical with the red cabbage. The leaves also have sharp ends and so it appears very similar to a head of cauliflower.

You can see it generally grows in crowd that have long stem and are intimately linked to radish, kale, cauliflower and broccoli.

It has a mild flavor and is green in color. The green color of this cabbage is very beneficial in making your food look mouthwatering. The very ordinary types are green-spored and green-curled which you can found in the market. You can also  find this cabbage fresh, frozen or canned.

Beside being named the green cabbage, you can call it the European green cabbage as well. You use this sort of veggie as your vegetable ingredients in various dishes. You can add it to your day-to-day menu since it is also presumed to be a very healthy foodstuffs.

When you use the green cabbage as your veggie item, you can add it to your divergent dishes or you can use it too as preparations of your food. You will get loads of vitamin C, B vitamins (especially B6), folate and potassium from this cabbage.

How are they related?

All that we know is both red and green cabbage are part of the same family. Although they are still a part of the same cabbage family, yet they are not closely related to each other. As a consequence of its clear color, once in a while, green cabbage is also called white cabbage.

Perhaps, some of you considered red cabbage is just a type of cabbages whilst green cabbage are often referred to as the white cabbages. These types of cabbages have different colors and shapes, but they both belong to the same family.

As a part of the same family, both of them have round leaves and taste bitter in general.

What are the differences?


You need to have knowledge of the primary difference between red and green cabbage. It will tastes bitter when you try to eat the red cabbage. At the same time, you will know that the green cabbage is tastes milder.

So those of you who don’t really like bitter, green cabbage may be the ideal preference for you. You already figured out that these cabbages have separate taste, nevertheless, individuals still consume them due to their very worthy health advantage.

Color of the leaves

You know that the very clear contrast separating red and green cabbage is the color of their leaves. You see that the red leaves are kind of dark colored while the green leaves of the cabbage are typically a sallow green color.


Due to its health benefits, you mostly use red cabbage as a veggie ingredient. You can also use this vegetable as part of your fresh salad. You may use green cabbage for your diverse dishes too. It will be very delicious if you put in your soups, stews and casseroles.

Growth habit

Both of them also have distinct development routine. As a result of its obvious red color, you can use the red veggie for your dishes and food preparations. Moreover, you can also make a use of the green cabbage as a vegetable ingredient in your everyday dishes.

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