Difference Between Salt and Pepper Shakers

By: | Updated: Mar-5, 2023
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Difference Between Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers are basic items found in numerous cookhouses around the globe. They are used to spice and include flavor to sustenance, and they also have lots of health benefits. Both kinds of shakers are vessels that keep and dish out salt or pepper as they are being delivered or consumed.

Summary Table

Salt Shakers Pepper Shakers
Bigger holes Smaller holes
Fewer holes More holes
The size is bigger The size is smaller

Notwithstanding the actuality that there are similitude between salt and pepper shakers, there are also some remarkable differences. Let’s take a nearer view at these two sorts of shakers and how they contrast.

Both salt and pepper shakers can be used for more than just flavor grub. They can also be used as adorning items with plenty of styles and patterns available. So whether you’re looking to include flavor to your meals or solely want to add some elegance to your cooking then salt and pepper shakers can be a beneficial and attractive extra.

What is a Salt Shaker?

Salt shakers are typically made of metal, plastic, wood, or glass, and they customarily have greater holes and fewer of them contrast to pepper shakers. This is because the particles of salt are larger than those of pepper. Salt shakers can range in dimensions from tiny, for serving a few individuals, to larger ones for serving greater quantities of meal.

When we discuss about salt shakers, they are vessels that hold the salt while they are being delivered or eaten. They have larger openings in them than pepper shakers, and are frequently made out of metal, plastic, wood, and even glass.  They can be used to get a diversity of food pieces ready, and can also be used as ornamentations.

The sizes of these bottles can vary. Every once in a while, they are made small and can be used for serving a few people while other times they can also be quite big as they are utilized to serve food in large amounts but the size has never been larger than a mug. Salt shakers are ordinarily bigger than pepper shakers and the openings are also greater than pepper shakers because it has bigger particles than pepper does. But the quantity of holes are fewer than pepper shakers.

Difference Between Salt and Pepper Shakers

What is a Pepper Shaker?

Pepper shakers on the other hand are furthermore made of metal, plastic, wood, or glass and come in a range of dimensions. But they tend to have smaller openings that are more numerous because pepper particles are more tiny than salt. Black pepper made from the spice piper nigrum has a stronger and hotter flavor than white pepper made from the spice piperine. Therefore black pepper is employed more often in dishes that require a stronger relish.

Pepper shakers are containers that contain the pepper while they are being served or devoured. They are made out of metal, plastic, wood, or glass. Their sizes diverge a lot; some of them can be really minor while another can be quite great.

The holes in them are fairly smaller than salt shakers but more numerous for the excuse that the particles are smaller. It is also used to deliver the pepper as it is served or consumed. Just like salt shakers, pepper shakers are also customarily used as adornment items as they are made in diverse styles and designs.

How are They Related?

Salt and pepper always go well hand in hand, and that is why these two things have become very general in kitchens around the globe. When there is a salt shaker then it is likely there is a pepper shaker at hand. That is why at the present time more and more people are getting into the practice of having both salt and pepper shakers in their residences as these pieces can be used for both food preparation and decoration intent.

The likeness between salt and pepper shakers are not only restricted to the fact that they are used for serving and relishing purposes. They also have resemblance in terms of their design, size and matters used to make them. Wood and glass are the most commonly used substances to make these shakers. The designs used on them are also akin with only minor dissimilarities. In terms of their sizes, salt and pepper shakers are usually made in small sizes. Contrarily, they can be quite large as they are used to serve a large number of people or as decorative pieces in a cookhouse.

What are the Differences?

Even though salt and pepper shakers are associated to each other, there are still other disparities that can be found. Here are some of the contrast between these two ingredients.


Pepper shakers have a tiny opening in them as pepper is usually used to taste the grub. On the other hand, salt shakers have bigger holes as salt is not meant to be tasted and it is more of a machine that removes excess moisture from meals before it is cooked or served. The amount of holes that salt shakers have is usually fewer than pepper shakers.


The size of salt shakers is usually larger than the size of pepper shakers. The reason for this is that salt shakers are used by almost every person while pepper shakers are only used by those who want to spice up their food.

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