Difference Between School and University Life

By: | Updated: Nov-4, 2021
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For sure applicants have wondered more than once what life awaits them in a couple of months. In fact, what awaits you is a student life that is radically different from the one you are living at the moment. Why? Let us tell you. Here are the differences between the life of a high school student and the life of a college student.


More freedom or responsibility? 

Many of you will move away from your parents, leave your hometown, and begin your adult life with a new start. You will be completely free from the control of your elders who have had their eye on you for 18 years. But any freedom is limited by the laws of nature and society. Now you are responsible for your actions, and you should be wise in taking this right to “be an adult and independent”.


New friends

From the first day of your studies, you will begin to integrate into student life and the university microclimate. Your communication will not be limited to the group, often only at one flowing lecture, which unites several groups of similar specialty, where there are about 100 or more people. In addition, universities have many activities and a wide variety of opportunities to participate in sports and academic life, where you will also find friends with interests.


New concepts 

Instead of a class teacher – a curator, instead of a headmaster – a rector, instead of a teacher – a lecturer (professor), and instead of classmates – groupmates. You’ll soon get used to it.


First job 

Most often your first job comes during your college years. Working in the catering industry or, as it sometimes happens, in your major, gives you a good start into the future, improving your professional and personal qualities. You can also get your first job at the university: you can work in the faculty, the canteen, or the technology park. In addition, you can be active in the Student Government and get a bonus for your scholarship. And if you want to make good money, you can provide your services in essay writing service, for example.


All absences are your own responsibility

The tutor or teachers will not worry if you do not show up for class, most parents will not be told about your absences either. But if your absences are systematic and unexcused, this can have dire consequences, such as a lack of admission to the exam and a large number of retakes.



 Grades at School VS Grades in the Credit Card

Your GPA now determines not your grade point average, but your scholarship for the semester. Based on your grades on your exams, your GPA will be calculated, affecting the value of your scholarship.


You are the only one who cares about what you’ve learned 

If at school the class teacher could convince you to learn something, at university you are the only one interested in your studies. The teacher gives you the knowledge in lectures and practicals, and it is your choice to assimilate it or to study on your own before the exam. People who have responsibly attended all lectures and completed practical assignments often get bonuses from teachers on the exam.


Is the dress code gone? 

If in school the class teacher could send you home to change your jeans, change a bright sweater or wash off your makeup, at university you can come as you want. This does not mean that the professor will ignore your flamboyant or unkempt appearance, you should use this opportunity wisely.


Figure it all out 

Living on your own means you’ll have to deal with a lot of things you haven’t dealt with before. For example, going to the bank and paying for your dorm room, getting a medical checkup every year, and getting your voucher for a doctor’s appointment, making a shopping list, and allocating your budget yourself so that you have enough for food, clothes, and entertainment. Many of you may have been self-sufficient before, but, more often than not, kids encounter these tasks for the first time after moving from their parents to another city.


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