Difference between the Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog

By: | Updated: Nov-19, 2017
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The Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog are rising in popularity across different countries. While both of these dog breeds bear similarities in size and appearance, they come from a completely different ancestry.

Summary Table

Boston Terrier French Bulldog
Originated in the United States Originated in England
A cross breed of the Bulldog and the English Terrier Its exact lineage is still unidentified
Stands around 1 foot to 1 foot 3 inches at the shoulders Stands around 11 inches to 1 foot at the shoulders
Taller and leaner in built Shorter and squarer in shape and appearance
Usually has a black and white coat Usually has a single-colored coat
Likes engaging into physical activities Loves a sedentary lifestyle
Smaller ears that sit close to its head Bat-like ears
Less prone to weight-related problems because of its active lifestyle More vulnerable to weight-related problems due to its laid-back lifestyle


Boston Terrier

Popularly known as the “American Gentleman,” the Boston Terrier originated from the United States. A cross breed of the Bulldog and the English Terrier, the Boston Terrier is a high-stationed dog that has a remarkable built. Weighing 10 to 25 pounds, it stands at around 1 foot to 1 foot 3 inches tall at the shoulders.

In the past, the Boston Terrier was bred to be a ferocious fighting dog. Aside from its tough fighting abilities, it is also warm and affectionate in nature, making it a perfect household companion.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog was originally bred in England as a miniature bulldog. While its origins have been identified, its lineage still remains a mystery. Standing at 11 inches to 1 foot tall at the shoulders, its weight ranges from 16 to 28 pounds. The “Frenchie,” as most locals call it, is distinct because of its bat-like ears.

As a toy-sized version of the bulldog, the French Bulldog is small but muscular in built. Playful and fun-loving, it thrives on human companionship.

Boston Terrier vs French Bulldog

So what’s the difference between a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog? Although it’s difficult to tell these two breeds apart, there are significant differences in their appearance, personality and overall health.

The Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog look as though they come from the same lineage because of their brachycephalic facial feature. However, their overall build and shape are far from being alike.

Firstly, the Boston Terrier is taller and leaner in built, while the French Bulldog is stockier and squarer in shape and appearance. Also, the French Bulldog is known for its bat-like ears.

In terms of color and coat, the Boston Terrier’s smooth coat is typically black and white. Meanwhile, the French Bulldog’s wrinkled coat is usually one color.

Both these breeds are warm and affectionate in nature, making them great household companions. However, the Boston Terrier is more active and playful than the French Bulldog. The French Bulldog that enjoys a sedentary lifestyle but the Boston Terrier loves long walks and other outdoor activities.

Since the French Bulldog is less active, it is more prone to weight-related problems. The Boston Terrier, on the other hand, is more fit and lean because of its strong desire to engage in physical activities.

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