Difference Between Transfer Students

By: | Updated: Jun-5, 2023
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Getting along with people in new surroundings could be stressful for college and high school students. It is why some college students develop anxieties and depression in the first year of college. It gets even more complicated for many transfer students since one has already created bonds in the previous institution. Sometimes it feels like graduating from high school community to college again since institutions have different operational frameworks. Adjusting to a different curriculum and socializing simultaneously might be challenging. All of these could be too much for a transfer student. However, staying lonely is not an option, so you should try getting friends as a transfer student, regardless difficulties faced when settling in it could get. Let’s review some quick tips to improve your social life in a new institution.

Difference Between Transfer Students

Interact With Classmates

The quickest way to make friends as a transfer student is to talk to classmates. Do not alienate yourself. If you struggle to interact with several people in class, start talking to the person beside you. Once you gain cordial ground with your seatmate, they can introduce you to others in the class. Through such introductions, your social circle will gradually grow.

Live Within College Environment

Every student wants to live off-campus due to the freedom of enjoying personal space. As much as living off-campus may seem thrilling, it may not be a good idea if you want to make friends as a transfer student. Also, on campus, you’ll be assigned a roommate whom you can bond with.

Moreover, with campus housing, you will be surrounded by your colleagues, making it easy to form connections. When living off-campus, you might find that all your neighbors are not students; making friends in such an environment may be quite tasking. Living off-campus might also be tedious, especially if the area is not near the school.

Join a Club

Colleges often have a wide array of clubs that students can participate in. Find what you love doing and find a club that supports your fashion. You’ll make new friends from these clubs with similar interests. Making friends with individuals with whom you share interests makes interaction easier since you’ll have things to discuss besides school. It’s good to visit different clubs before deciding which one to settle in. Some good options include:

  • Cultural clubs
  • Political clubs
  • Media and publication
  • Community service groups
  • Religious and spiritual groups

Join a Study Group

In a study group, one gets to interact with other students without much struggle since you’ll meet individuals with similar interests academically and socially. Not only will you be learning, but also you’ll be making new friends. Some study group friendships often continue even after college, allowing one to form lasting bonds. As a student on transfer, you will need study groups to help you sharpen your academic skills so that you do not struggle with assignments and search for a cheap essay writing service. You’ll develop your social and academic skills from these groups.

Take Part in Volunteer Activities

Volunteering is an excellent way to find friends as a transfer student. Several projects and programs require students to volunteer in college. Volunteer jobs on campus help you interact with fellow collegians and the community around the school if you will be carrying you volunteer activities outside school. Additionally, you’ll be gaining more skills added to your resume.

Attend Events

Several student events are held on campus, from sports to talent shows. These events will do the job if you want to broaden your social circle. You are likely to meet and interact with different students. Moreover, these events offer an opportunity to learn more about the college culture.

Find On-Campus Part-Time Jobs

Part-time jobs are a way to make extra money and can also help broaden your social circle. So utilize them to find friends as a transfer student. The best part-time jobs are always on-campus, such as working in the college library or cafeteria. They allow you to interact with other students, and you might make new friends just from serving your colleagues. Additionally, getting an on-campus job keeps you busy, so don’t get depressed about adjusting to the new college environment.

Spend Time in School

Locking yourself in your room limits the possibility of getting friends as a transfer student. Understandably, transfer students are often required to catch up with schoolwork and settle into the new environment, which can be overwhelming. It is why some opt to buy essay online to ease the pressure of balancing school and their social life. Spending much time in school can make it easy to achieve all these since you will be studying, meeting new friends, and learning about the school simultaneously.

Attend Orientation

Most institutions often hold orientations for new students. Do not snub these orientations since they allow you to meet other transfer students and share your experiences. Talking to transfer students in your college lets you know more about how they are settling, and you can draw some lessons from them.

Also, some institutions hold activities for new students that may help them feel more comfortable in the new environment regardless of the challenges they have experienced while settling in. Orientations are sometimes not the most exciting place to be, but it will be worth the time spent there.

Bottom Line

Adjusting to unfamiliar environments and finding friends as a transfer student is difficult. A student on transfer faces many challenges settling into the new school, which sometimes might undermine their ability to interact and make friends. However, friendships play an important role on campus since they can offer both academic and emotional support. Therefore, use the above tips to find friends in your new school to make the transition smooth.

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