Difference Between Whopper and Impossible Whopper

By: | Updated: Feb-18, 2023
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Difference Between Whopper and Impossible Whopper

Whopper, which is Burger King’s trademark hamburger, is the best selling product in the country, and has been available since 1957. Famous for their quarter-pound, flame-cooked beef patties, Burger King has never given any indication that it would become a part of a future that included things like vegetarianism. There is only one thing that always remains the same.

Summary Table

Whopper Impossible Whopper
Regular burger patties Vegetarian, plant-based burger patties
660 calories 630 calories
10 mg of sodium 90 mg of sodium

Although there have been many different versions of a whopper, the main ingredient in the burger has been beef. Because food companies have been partnering with Burger King for years, they’ve only introduced burgers with beef patties inside. But with the new partnership with Impossible Foods, the burgers looked, smelled, and tasted like a normal burger.

Impossible Whopper features a beef patty in the middle of a veggie burger. It even smells and tastes great. There is a nice aroma that reeks of real beef, and it tastes like you are eating real meat. It looks and smells exactly the same as a traditional burger patty. And it tastes exactly the same. The Impossible Whopper patty was made of plants.

It’s just like the Whopper, only vegetarians and vegans can enjoy it. The plant-based patty that Burger King used looked and tasted amazing, but it was also very green and made it suitable for vegetarians.

If your favorite food is meat, you were thrilled to hear that Burger King has introduced the Impossibility Whopper. If your favorite food is meat, maybe you thought about changing your order to the Impossible Whopper option instead, because you would think eating a veggie option would be more nutritious than a burger with your standard toppings. So, what is the difference in the flavors of the two burgers? But if he is not vegetarian, shouldn’t you still be able to eat a Whopper?

What is a Whopper?

The Whacker is a burger made of a hot coal-gridded patty of grilled ground meat, smothered in mayonnaise, lettuce, and ketchup, and served on a sesame seed bun. It was introduced in 1957, initially with a regular bun, but changed to a sesame-seed bun in the 1970s.

Whoppers are the name given to the hamburger that is served at Burger King restaurants worldwide and at its Hungry Jack’s restaurant in Sydney, Australia. The Whopper was first sold in a hamburger bun in the 1950s, but the original hamburger was adapted many times and is now sold in a variety of different varieties.

Burger King is widely regarded as the “Home of the Whopper” and nicknames its food-service kiosks the “Whopper Bar”. Burger King has introduced several similar products to try and mimic the Whacky.

Burger King offers a variety of burgers that vary according to the season or to local food preferences. To market the products, the restaurant sometimes offers limited-time variants of its popular hamburgers. It has become increasingly important in ad campaigns, product tie-ins and hoaxes.

What is an Impossible Whopper?

Impossible Whopper has teamed up with fast-food chain Burger King to bring the Impossible Whopper to food shoppers all over the country. It is basically a vegan version of a whopper, with a lot of the ingredients being vegan.

Impossible Burger is a vegan burger that is an alternative version to the typical Whopper, the only difference is the burger patty. Impossible Whoppers are made by using a burger patty made from a protein that’s normally used in a burger, but people may think that the burgers are still contaminated with some non-veg ingredient.

Impossible Burgers are burgers that are prepared with burger patties that are entirely vegetarian. They are seasoned and seasoned with mayonnaise, ketchup, and onions. It’s vegetarian, but it also comes with a side of melted cheese.

But instead of a normal burger containing a charred beef pattie, there’ll be an Impossible Burger, which contains a rare ingredient known as soy leghemoglobin, which helps keep the burger moist.

How are They Related?

Burger King provides The Whopper and Impossible Whopper menus. These two menus are based on the same burger, but with a few twists, each menu is based on a specific ingredient or recipe that is suited to the market. The Whopper sandwich is the signature hamburger product sold by the international fast-food restaurant chain Burger King and its Australian franchise Hungry Jack’s.

Whoppers are very simple. They consist of a single beef patty, a sesame seed bun, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, pickles, ketchup, and a slice of onion. Optionally, the Whopper can be served with any meat or no meat at all, or without a patty. Burger King sells a hamburger called a Whopper, with a choice of two beef patties or no beef at all.

Burger King enables customers to request any of its own special sauces and condiments to be added to their Whoppers if they want them that way.  Burger King offers it with two, three or four ground meat patties in a version known as the Whopper Jr. Hungry Jack’s, a franchise for Burger King in Australia, sells their veggie burgers as the Veggie Whopper.

What are the Differences?


Impossible Whopper contains a few calories less than the Whopper that is normal, but the difference is not that big. If you buy a Whopper that is as large as a normal one, it will cost you approximately 660 calories and contains 40 grams of saturated or trans fat, but the Impossible Whopper costs only 630 calories and 34 grams of saturated or trans fat. But the usual Whopper contains nine times as much cholesterol as an Impossible Whopper, and contains less than one-quarter as much soluble fiber.

The patty

A fast-food industry icon, the Whopper sets itself apart from other chains’ classic burgers with its wide, flat patty and char-grilled cooking method. You wouldn’t have known from the Impossible Whopper’s first bite that it was a plant-based chicken sandwich if I hadn’t known. It has the flavor of a “real” burger.


They are both high in salt, but the Impossible Whopper has 180 extra milligrams. Most people can attribute the large amount of sodium to a simple fact, beef patties are known to have about 80 milligrams of sodium per 100 grams while plant-derived patties are usually 370 milligrams per 100 grams, and that is pretty close to what is included in an Impossible burger patty.


Impossible burgers have a lot less cholesterol than a classic Whopper, containing only 90 milligrams of cholesterol per serving. Impossible Whoppers have more fiber than a standard Whopper with 7 grams of fiber versus the 3 grams of fiber in a typical Whopper.

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