Difference Between a Rooster and a Chicken

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There are many different types of birds. For example, there are ducks, chickens, and turkeys. In the family of Galliformes, there are also other types of birds like the guinea fowl, partridges, and pheasants. However, one type of bird that is very common in many countries around the world is the chicken. They are birds that are very popular and can be found in many different countries.

However, there is one term that refers to one of the Galliformes and is also very common in many countries around the world but it is not a chicken. It’s called a rooster. Some people call roosters just chicken, but there are differences between a rooster and a chicken. In this article, we will discuss the differences between a rooster and a chicken. We will also discuss their characteristics, behavior, and why they are actually different from each other. Let’s begin.

Summary Table:

Rooster Chicken
Refers to male chicken A species of fowl
Can crow to announce the time and weather changes to other birds in his flock Does not crow
Has an orange comb and wattles on its neck An ordinary or a female chicken has no comb or wattles on its neck


Difference Between a Rooster and a Chicken

Before we talk about the differences between “rooster” and “chicken”, let’s first define what we mean by “rooster” and “chicken.” To do this, we need to take a look back at the definitions and meanings of these two words, the different characteristics of both of them, and how they are different from each other.

What Is a Chicken?

A chicken is a domesticated bird that lays eggs. Chicken is a species of fowl. Chickens are mainly found in countries such as China, Indonesia, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. There are many types of chickens that exist all over the world including the capon and exotic breeds.

There are different breeds of chickens. The most common breed is the “ordinary chicken”, which lays eggs for around 18 months and produces an average of 3-4 eggs a day. This is the only kind of chicken that you can eat as food. There are also chickens that are kept for breeding purposes.

What Does a Chicken Look Like?

A chicken has feathers all over its body and a short tail. Its head is usually white with no beak or comb, but some breeds have a small comb or beak. A few chickens may have earlobes, but they are usually not very noticeable. Its legs and feet are relatively small, and its toes are not hooked like those of a rooster.

The chickens that have a comb or beak look different from those that do not have these features. A chicken’s comb is mainly used for dusting its feathers and the beak is used for feeding and drinking. Chickens usually have a reddish color with brown spots on their wings, tail, and legs. The colors of these chickens may vary from one chicken to another.

What Is a Rooster?

A rooster is a male chicken. In other words, a male chicken is called “a rooster” and a female chicken is called “a hen.” Roosters are usually white or yellowish in color with red feathers on their head, neck, wings and tail. The comb of a rooster is longer than that of a chicken’s.

Roosters have different types of voices. Some roosters will sound like dogs barking while others will sound like they are crowing. Some roosters have different sounds for when they are on heat and when they are not. Roosters have long, strong legs and can run faster than chickens..

Roosters are known best for their ability to crow, which is a sound they make that can be heard up to 3 miles away. In the morning, they will crow to let other roosters know that it is time to go out and look for food. They also use this sound as a way of calling other roosters in the area, telling them that they are not alone.

In order for a rooster to be able to crow, it needs to have a red comb. If it does not have a red comb, it will not be able to crow. When roosters crow, they usually use their tail feathers as well as their wings and head feathers to make the sound louder.

Roosters are also different from chickens in that they can kill a chicken if it wants to. This is because they have sharp claws and sharp beaks, which are used for fighting or defending themselves from other roosters or other animals such as cats and dogs.

Rooster Vs. Chicken:

As you may know, there are several words that have a similar meaning. For example, “rooster” and “chicken” are both used to describe the same animal in the Galliformes order. However, these two animals are different from each other. Now, let’s take a look at the differences between a rooster and a chicken.

The size

Since all roosters are male, roosters are larger than ordinary chickens, so they can get away from predators easily, especially if the weather is bad. On the other hand, it’s not easy for a chicken to get away from predators because it is smaller than a rooster. Male Galliformes are usually bigger in size than female ones.


A rooster will show its attitude towards other animals such as dogs, humans, and other chickens by making a lot of noise. This means that the rooster is aggressive if it feels threatened. On the contrary, a chicken is usually quiet and more reserved in nature because it doesn’t like to fight.


Roosters tend to be omnivores and they eat grains, vegetables, insects, and fish. On the other hand, ordinary chickens are usually herbivores and they only eat seeds and grains. So, if you want to raise a rooster as a pet, you should provide good food for him.

The Ability to Crow

As mentioned above, crowing is one of the most important characteristics of a rooster. This means that the bird can announce the time and weather changes to other birds in his flock. However, a chicken doesn’t have this ability because it cannot crow like a rooster. It also doesn’t have an outer skeleton like a rooster, so it can’t make the sounds that a rooster can. This is actually the main difference between a rooster and a chicken.


The physical appearance of a rooster is different from that of a chicken. The feathers on the body of the rooster are soft and thick, while those on the body of a chicken are short and smooth, so they can easily move. The rooster also has an orange comb and wattles on its neck. However, an ordinary or a female chicken has no comb or wattles on its neck.

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