Difference Between Cat and Dog Owners

By: | Updated: Dec-15, 2022
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Thanks to social media platforms people have seen endless bickering between dog and cat owners. Who is better? Who is friendlier? Who requires more time? The list of questions is endless. Beyond the fact that for some people one pet is better than another, the truth is that preferring one or the other speaks of the personality of a person, according to various studies.

It’s fascinating to know that love for a certain pet can describe you as a person. In this article you will find the most interesting differences between people who prefer cats and people who prefer dogs, from where they live to what movies they prefer.

Difference Between Cat and Dog Owners

Dog owners are dominant people

Psychologists presented an article where they analyzed the connections between people’s personality and who they prefer best: cats or dogs. The study found that dog-friendly people tended to have more assertive and dominant personalities, which is reflected in their desire to have a more dependent and loyal pet.

Cat people are more introverted

Experts proved that dog lovers enjoy socializing more than cat people. This is related to the habits that relate to these animals: while dog owners need to take their pets for a walk and communicate with other people, cat owners enjoy the independence of being alone when they go out for a walk. Some don’t even leave the house at all.

According to Nuwber, cat owners like indoor activities while dog people prefer to spend more time outside. It can be linked to the fact that dogs need more physical exercises.

Who is more likely to be single?

An investigation carried out on Facebook where a total of 160 thousand profiles were analyzed showed that 30% of people with cats were single, in contrast to 24% of people with dogs who were not in a relationship.

The study also showed that cat owners are more likely to spend more time inside reading books, cooking and watching TV. Such people don’t always like to socialize, which could be the reason why they are less likely to get married.

Dog owners are more methodical

According to research from the University of Texas at Austin where 4,565 people were asked about whether they are cat or dog people, 46% answered that they prefer dogs. It’s said that dog people tend to be more scrupulous and methodical, so improvising is not one of their virtues.

In contrast, a study found that cat fans tend to be 11% more open to new experiences, as well as display more sensitivity to the arts, compared to dog fans who behave more traditionally.

The benefits of enjoying both pets

Stanley Coren, a psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, shared a very interesting fact in his book “Why We Love the Dogs We Do: How to Find the Dog That Matches Your Personality”. While there are several differences between dog people and cat people, when a person has both pets, they have very similar behaviors to those who only have dogs or those who want to have them.

Having both cats and dogs means that you will need to find time for both outdoor and indoor activities. It would be unfair to pay attention to only one pet.

Cat people are somewhat “cold”

Although it has been stipulated that people with cats are more introverted, they are also more self-confident. In addition, they are much more independent. However, while dog lovers may be comfortable with displays of affection, cat people are a bit more reserved, or rather blunt and insensitive, just like their pets.

Cats are less likely to show their affection, which makes people think that they are cold-hearted. It’s impossible to say the same about dogs.

Cat people wouldn’t want a dog in their house

The same study by Coren revealed that 68% of people with cats would not want to have a dog in their house (perhaps for fear that it will hurt the cat). At the same time, 70% of people with dogs have no problem accepting a cat into their home.

It can also be interpreted as safety measures. If you have a cat, you will not know if they would get along with other pets. That’s why it’s recommended to play safe and keep only one pet. However, if everything is going great between those two, it’s possible to have both a dog and a cat.

Cat owners tend to be more sensitive

One of the most interesting studies in this regard was carried out a few years ago on Facebook. The objective was to study the social behaviors of animal lovers and discover their personality traits. To do this, details such as friendships, marital status, location, and cultural preferences were taken into account.

Mikel Delgado, an established cat expert, found that cat lovers tend to be more sensitive while dog lovers are more outgoing and friendly. This makes sense since having a dog entails an “excuse” to socialize since this animal goes outside more than a cat.

Some surveys show that the percentage of women with a cat at home is higher than in the case of dogs. Other studies relate the dominant character in social relationships with dog owners.

Dog lovers have more friends than cat owners

The study carried out among 160,000 Facebook users showed that dog lovers have 26 more friends on average than cat owners, which is consistent with what was stated in a study by Mikel Delgado.

The curious thing is that those who prefer cats received more invitations to events and were more likely to interact with other people who have the same pet. Those who prefer cats tend to be more sensitive and emotionally unstable, and mostly single, up to 30%, compared to 24% single among dog owners.

According to the study, it has been revealed that, of the 4,565 respondents, almost half declared themselves a fan of dogs, on the contrary, only 12% preferred cats. At the same time, just over 25% enjoy both pets equally and 15% said that they don’t like cats or dogs.

Logically, even though cat owners are social, they are more homely than dog owners.

Lastly, the Facebook study highlighted one last very interesting fact: those who have dogs live more in rural areas than those who have cats as pets. The latter usually live in urban areas. It makes sense because dogs need more space.

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