Difference Between Cat and Dog Behavior

By: | Updated: Apr-10, 2024
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The expression “to live like cat and dog” is famous and widely used in the whole world. But, is it really impossible to make the coexistence of these two animals peaceful? Why do some people prefer having a dog as a pet, while others adore cats? Are they so different?

There is no doubt that these creatures are both loved by humans. Pet therapy and its positive impact is described in many research papers. In fact, interaction between animals and people has a healthy and beneficial effect on us. The affectionate interchange between domestic pets and humans has surprising outcomes.

Actually, any person who has a pet at home can confirm how relaxing it can be to receive just a caress from a furry friend. Moreover, it is believed that your pet reflects your personality. According to statistics, over 66% of US households have at least one animal. Various surveys demonstrate that students prefer dogs more, even if it takes time to go outside. Of course, students like to spend time with their pets but they still need to do their homework. If you are one of these students, who need extra help, you should refer to experts for custom book report writing, and you will definitely have more free time to play with a pet.

Difference Between Cat and Dog Behavior

Dog Character vs Cat Character

If we think that a choice of domestic animal depends on one’s character, then what are features of cats and dogs that influence our decision:

  • Extraverted vs introverted

Everybody knows that dogs love company. These animals are social and prefer staying by the side of the human. Owners of cats can confirm that these animals, unlike dogs, prefer autonomy and independence. They like solitude and avoid chaotical situations.

  • Attitude to home

The first reason why people decided to domesticate a cat was the extreme necessity to free the home from mice and snakes. Consequently, cats consider their mission to protect the home but not the owners. On the other hand, dogs care more about the person and not the place of living. Historically having a nomadic character, they consider their home the place where the loved person lives.

  • Giving cuddles vs Receiving

The main and evident difference between these two animals lies in the initiative of cuddles. While dogs walk up happily to show their affection, cats tend to diminish embraces, remaining the main actors of the story. They do decide when to get closer to the owner and whether it’s worth doing at all.

  • Training

You can educate a dog to obey commands, contrary to cats. Try to instruct your kitty to bring back a ball, and see the result. The reason is that cats remain more wild compared to dogs because the latter live in herds.

  • Difficulties with walking

It’s more complicated to take cats outside as these animals like adventuring. You simply risk losing your pet if you leave it free. Cats adore climbing and exploring surroundings. Thus, before you go to take your cat outside, you must take more precautions compared to taking a dog outdoors.

Recent studies have demonstrated that both animals are intelligent despite their differences. It doesn’t matter if an animal meows or barks, or its color. They are different but both deserve to be loved. The choice is up to you. However, do not forget that having pets means responsibility, respect their needs and take care of their health.

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