Difference Between BDM-010 and BDM-020

By: | Updated: Jun-18, 2022
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The Games and Entertainment Industry is booming and with the ever-growing competition, developers are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to keep their players engaged. Sony is no exception, and one of their recent innovations is the BDM-010 and BDM-020 controllers.

The Sony PS5 motion controller is an improvement over the previous PS4 controller, and the BDM-010 and BDM-020 controllers are the successors to the PlayStation4 controllers. Both devices are equipped with a number of sensors that allow players to interact with games in a variety of ways.

Summary Table

BDM-010 BDM-020
Older version New version
No extra button Extra button
Does not have an “A” letter on the back Has an “A” letter on the back

Difference Between BDM-010 and BDM-020

The BDM-010 and BDM-020 controllers have different motherboards, and with that comes a number of differences. The motherboard is responsible for the communication between the controller and the PlayStation5.

So what are the differences between the BDM-010 and BDM-020 controllers? In this article, we will explore the key differences between the two controllers and what they offer gamers. We will also provide a comparison table so that you can easily compare the two devices.

What is BDM-10?

BDM-10 is a controller that was developed by Sony for their PlayStation5 gaming console. It is a handheld controller that plugs into the console to provide basic gaming functions. The controller also has a touchpad, buttons, and a joystick. This controller is not compatible with other gaming systems.

What is BDM-020?

BDM-020 is also a PS5 controller, but it has a different design and function from BDM-010. It has a built-in gyroscope and accelerometer, which allow it to track the player’s head movement and orientation. It also has a touchpad and buttons, which allow the player to control the game environment.

How are they related?

Both BDM-010 and BDM-020 are a series of PlayStation5 controllers that have been designed to improve the user experience. They both have a number of features such as improved motion tracking, a better D-pad, and an improved button layout. Both controllers are suitable for use with games that require precision and accuracy, such as racing games or shooter games.

You can play games that require precision and accuracy with either BDM-010 or BDM-020, but you can’t get accessories for BDM-010 that are compatible with BDM-020.

BDM-010 vs BDM-020

With all the similarities between the two controllers, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best option for you. Here are some of the key differences between the two:

  1. The Generation

BDM-010 is the older of the two controllers, and uses different motherboard technology than BDM-020. This may mean that some accessories that are compatible with BDM-020 may not be compatible with BDM-010.

  1. The Buttons

BDM-020 has extra buttons on the front of the controller, which may be more comfortable for some users, while others may find them too intrusive.

  1. Number on the Back

BDM-020 has an “A” engraved on the back, before the model number, which makes it easier to identify. BDM-010 does not have this lettering.

  1. The Motherboard

BDM-020 uses a different motherboard than BDM-010, which may affect compatibility with some accessories. There is a “BDM-020” written on the motherboard, but it is not always easy to see.

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