Difference Between Behavior and Personality

By: | Updated: Aug-13, 2022
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An empath is a person who can read the emotions of others by experiencing them themselves. This is one of the many “strengths” of empaths. Many empaths feel as though they are being touched when another person is upset, sad, or in pain. Empaths have a hard time differentiating between feeling another person’s emotions and experiencing them for themselves. This can be difficult for empaths to understand because many people view them as cold and distant.

Summary Table

Behavior Personality
The outward expression of an individual’s innate traits The aggregate of our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that define us
Formed out of desire The characteristic of our innate ability
Conscious Often unconscious

Difference Between Behavior and Personality

In terms of personality, empaths may have difficulty expressing their emotions, especially anger. This is because they are so tuned in to the emotions of others that they can’t help but feel how others are feeling. But in terms of behavior, empaths tend to be people-pleasers. They want to make others happy and want to help them in any way they can.

But what are the differences between behavior and personality? Are they the same thing?

What is Behavior?

Behavior is the response of an organism to its environment. In order to make a behavior, an organism must have certain characteristics, such as being alive, moving and having a brain. It is the characteristics of behavior that distinguishes it from personality.

What is Personality?

Personality is the pattern of behaviors that makes up an individual’s personal traits and characteristics. The person’s behavioral traits are expressed in his or her actions, responses and thoughts. A person’s personality is based on how he or she has learned and reacts to experiences over time. People are not born with a personality; rather, they develop one over time.

The Similarities Between Behavior and Personality

Both behavior and personality are the products of a person’s experience. Both can be influenced by a person’s life experiences. Both are patterns of actions, thoughts and feelings that an individual shows in his or her daily life.

Behavior VS Personality

Here are the differences between behavior and personality:

The definition

Behavior means the way we do things and is defined as the “the outward expression of an individual’s innate traits.” Personality means our inner self and is defined as “the aggregate of our feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that define us.”

The sense of time

Behavior is immediate, for example, speaking in the moment or doing something without thinking about it. Personality is in the past, for example, being a kind person or having strong morals.

The senses of desire and ability

Behavior is performed out of desire, for example, doing something out of a habit because you always do it. Personality is the characteristic of our innate ability, for example, being an empathic person.

Conscious and unconscious behaviors

Behavior is performed out of our conscious knowledge, for example, when you are a little girl and start walking, you know that you are walking.  Personality is the characteristic of our unconscious knowledge, for example, a baby is born without a conscience, and a child knows what is good and bad, but he has not yet made a conscious choice.

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