Difference Between Behavioral Health and Mental Health

By: | Updated: Jun-1, 2023
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The difference between behavioral health and mental health is not a big deal, but it is an important point that is often misunderstood. It’s easy to confuse the terms “behavioral health” with “mental health.” Both can be used to describe a person’s physical and mental well-being, but the terms are not synonymous.

Summary Table

Behavioral Health Mental Health
State of behavior State of mind
Improved by healthy lifestyle Improved by healthy environment
Dealt by doctors or psychiatrists Dealt by psychologists

Difference Between Behavioral Health and Mental Health


Behavioral health has been defined as the mental and behavioral processes that occur in various environments. With this, we are able to take into account the various aspects of our lives. The mental and behavioral processes that occur in the body are referred to as our health. In this, we are referring to mental or psychological health. It is important for you to understand that there are some factors that affect our health, such as genetics and environment. However, most of what affects our health is the way we live our lives. This is referred to as our lifestyle.

Mental health refers to how someone feels about themselves. It involves a person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions and behaviors. In this, it also includes the brain functions that are believed to be associated with certain thoughts, feelings and behaviors. We do not refer to the brain functions that are associated with certain thoughts or emotions, but to the actual physical structures of the brain that are believed to be linked to such states. In this sense, mental health is all about how our brains work.

Behavioral Health vs Mental Health

Behavioral health is a broad term that covers how you perform in life and how you approach your everyday life. Behavioral health is affected by genetics, but also by the environment in which you live and the people who surround you. You can improve your behavioral health through good habits, proper nutrition, social support, and a healthy lifestyle overall.

Mental Health is your overall well being and how you feel. It’s a state of mind, not behavior. Mental health is affected by genes, but also by the environment in which you live and people around you. Most mental disorders are linked to your environment and your environment’s behaviors toward you.

Behavioral health issues is a physical problem which requires a change of behavior. The concept of behavioral health includes issues like drug abuse, alcoholism and obesity. These are conditions where an individual’s behavior is not in line with society’s expectations.

Mental health concerns focus on how someone feels about themselves and can be described by words like “depression” or “anxiety”. It is also sometimes referred to as a psychiatric disorder, which means there are actual medical conditions that may cause it and doctors who specialize in treating it.

Mental health problems are often treated by psychologists who deal with issues like anxiety and depression whereas behavioral health is a physical problem that needs to be treated by a doctor or psychiatrist.

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