Difference Between a Term Paper and Thesis

By: | Updated: Jul-21, 2022
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Getting an education in college comes with many challenges for students. You have so many tasks to write, and many of them are pretty different from one another. There are many extracurricular activities you can take part in that can help you meet new people and make friends.

But at the same time, there are many academic milestones you need to pass, and among these, there might be two of the ones we will focus on today. You may need to write a term paper at the end of each term and a thesis before you graduate.

Even though they seem pretty similar, they are indeed very different. There are some little-known secrets about dissertation writing, but we will uncover them all in this article. So, which are the differences between a term paper and a thesis? Find out below.

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Difference Between a Term Paper and Thesis

The Purpose

The main difference between a term paper and a thesis is their purpose. As a student, you will need to write a thesis in order to graduate. It is the paper you present at the end of your study years to show what you have learned during college and to get a degree.

On the other hand, a term paper is presented at the end of each term. You may have many term papers to write, depending on the professor. But a research term paper is for a specific class, opposite to a thesis.


When it comes to requirements, these two types of written papers are very different. A thesis paper should have about 25,000 words, which means a maximum of 130 pages. This is why students work on their thesis for quite a few months or years. It is comprehensive work that needs to be done right. If we take a look at term papers, they have different requirements. Usually, a term paper should have about 15,000 words, which means about 60 pages. A half of a thesis. Of course, these requirements may be different depending on the college.


Because a term paper is shorter in length and lower in complexity than a thesis, it has different goals. Students usually have to write a term paper to complete coursework, so its goal should not be as the ones of a thesis. Usually, term papers focus on research. And the goals are related to this as well. A term paper has the goal of researching and understanding a single statement. On the contrary, a thesis has many hypotheses. And then, you need to conduct a study to prove or disprove those hypotheses. It is more than research on a topic. We can say that the work you do for a research term paper will be multiplied for a thesis.

The Similarity Between Them?

Is there any similarity between these two besides the fact that both of them are written papers? Well, the research part and how you organize your work could be the similarity. For both of them, you need to research thoroughly and pay attention to the sources you use. You need to pay attention to your questions and how you answer them in your paper. But of course, these are some guidelines that apply to most written papers.


Is there a difference between a term paper and a thesis? Well, there is more than one. Many students fail to deliver powerful papers because they do not know the difference between these two papers. Hopefully, this article has shed more light on this topic and will help students from all over the world organize their writing process easier. Do not forget that term papers are usually done at the end of each term, while a thesis is a work that helps you get a degree.

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