Difference Between Beko and Shiro Utsuri

By: | Updated: Sep-14, 2022
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A “koi” is a type of fish that is indigenous to Japan. Koi come in many different varieties, but the common denominator for all of them is their small size. Koi can be very colorful and beautifully shaped. They are commonly used as ornamental fish in aquariums, ponds, and ponds, or in public parks and zoos.

Summary Table

Shiro Beko Shiro Utsuri
Has more dominant white markings Has more dominant black markings
Has many white blotches Has less white blotches
Has white spots on the belly Has black spots on the top of the head

Difference Between Beko and Shiro Utsuri

The Japanese people love their koi fish, but most of them don’t keep them as pets because they can be very difficult to care for. In the United States, however, many people keep koi fish as pets. There are several different types of koi fish that are available in pet stores today. The two most common types are the silver koi and the gold koi. Other popular varieties include black-and-white koi, wild caught koi (koi), and cichlid (which means “pond dweller”).

In terms of markings, you may have heard of the terms shiro beko and shiro utsuri. These terms refer to the fact that these fish have white and black markings. But what exactly are the differences between these two types of koi?

What is Shiro Beko?

Shiro beko typically indicates a white koi fish with black markings. The body color of the fish is white, and it has black markings. These markings are often black spots on the head, fins, and tail. These fishes have dominant white markings on their bodies.

What is Shiro Utsuri?

Shiro utsuri typically indicates a black koi fish with white markings. The body color of the fish is black, and the head and tail fins are white. However, some shiro utsuri fish have very little white markings. Some shiro utsuri fish are patterned in a solid color, such as black or dark blue.

Some shiro utsuri fish have very distinct white markings. The head and tail fins of the fish are white, but the body of the fish is mostly black. In addition, there may be several thin vertical stripes on the body of the fish. These stripes look like thin white lines that are sharply defined and run from the head to the tail. These lines may or may not be connected. The dorsal fin of the fish is also white, but it is sometimes colored black.

The Similarities of Shiro Beko and Shiro Utsuri

There are several similarities between the two types of koi. Both markings have to do with color. The black markings on the shiro utsuri are more prominent than the white markings on the shiro beko. Also, both types of koi have a white belly. As for their appearance, both types of koi have a long and slender body.

Shiro Beko VS Shiro Utsuri

Now, the differences between these two types of koi are pretty obvious.

The dominant colors

Shiro beko has more dominant white markings, while shiro utsuri has more dominant black markings.

The presence of white blotches

Shiro beko has many white blotches, while shiro utsuri does not have many white blotches.

The position of the spots

Shiro utsuri has white spots on the belly, while shiro beko have black spots on the top of the head.

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