Difference Between Best Friend and Lover

By: | Updated: Nov-12, 2022
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Best friend and lover are two words that are very often confused by people. These words are used to describe a person who has a special relationship with another person.

The confusion is because these two words are used in two different contexts and have different meanings. In this article, we will be discussing what exactly best friend and lover mean and the differences between them.

Summary Table

Best Friend Lover
A platonic relationship. A romantic or sexual relationship.
Usually someone who is emotionally close to you. Besides being emotionally close, they also provide a physical intimacy to you.
Becomes close after getting through things together. Can become close in just a few hours or days.

Difference Between Best Friend and Lover


A best Friend is a person who is loyal to you, supports you in all your problems, stands by you when others want to harm you, and is willing to help you out in all possible ways.

This person helps you with all your life problems like emotional problems, family problems, etc. Best friends are known for being supportive and helpful.

Best friends also know each other very well and they get along well with each other without any kind of emotional tension or jealousy or hatred whatsoever.

A lover is a person whom we love very much. A lover is a person whom we like to spend time with and with whom we are willing to go on dates and are willing to take them out for dinner and to other places.

The lover is someone whom we want to kiss and spend eternity with. You can’t stop thinking about your lover. You also consider a lover as a part of yourself.

Difference between Best Friend and Lover

The main difference between a best friend and a lover is the nature of their relationship with you. A best friend is someone you love platonically, while a lover is someone you love sexually or romantically.

A lover is more likely to want to be physically intimate with you, while a best friend is more likely to want to be emotionally intimate with you. In other words, a lover is a romantic partner, and a best friend is someone you can talk about anything with.

Some people define their best friends as people they have known for a long time, but who they only really become close with after getting together. These people are very important to you because they can share with you their lives and help them move forward in life.

Meanwhile, you can fall in love with a lover as soon as you meet them. It is possible to fall in love with a best friend, but this is not the norm. Your lover can be your best friend, the reverse can’t always be true.

With a lover, you can build a romantic relationship. You can fall in love and get married, or you can have a one-night stand. However, with a best friend, you can’t expect the same level of intimacy.

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