Difference between Friendship and Relationship

By: | Updated: Feb-20, 2018
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There is so much talk about the “friend zone” lately that some people are actually confused about how one person could romantically pursue another yet be considered a “friend.” What is the difference between a friendship and a relationship? Where do we draw the line, and what are the perks the people on the wrong side of the line are missing out on? Read on and you might just get a better idea of your social life altogether.

Summary Table

Friendship Relationship
Established between people who have a connection, share interests and like spending time together. Established between people who are interested in each other, share interests and have sex with each other.


friend zone

Friendship is the casual type of relationship that can be established between individuals of both sexes. Friendships are encouraged from an early age, as they teach us how to behave around other people. Having friends means being able to rely on someone, feeling comfortable asking for help, sharing emotions and finding support. The level of commitment between friends depends and can even be unbalanced, as some can be more invested in one relationship than others.

A relationship is the type of relationship established between people who are romantically and/or sexually interested in one another. Although there is no set of rules people in a relationship usually follow, there are some things that should be discussed between partners to be sure that they are on the same page. They must decide on whether or not they are exclusive, how far things can go, whether or not it is casual or if they are looking for more. Some people never discuss these things, while others make sure to find out before investing too much.

Friendship vs Relationship

The main difference between a friendship and a relationship consists in sexual intercourse. While people who are friends can spend just as much time together and enjoy themselves by doing various types of activities, there is no physical attraction. There are no two friendships and relationships alike. Some people can be just as close as best friends and have sex, while others can be a bit more distant and only enjoy the sex.

There are also those who wanted to get to know a person and became friends first. They made themselves emotionally available and always offered support. However, when they fail to make the final step and express their desire to be intimate with the other person, they got stuck in the infamous “friend zone” – where someone enters unwillingly or hopes they will not be there for long.

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