Difference Between Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer

By: | Updated: Apr-9, 2023
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Difference Between Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer

Utensils are exceptionally essential in every single household. The point of an appliance is to make matters rather easy to do. If you are working on a plan that includes timber you need to possess the proper tools so you can finish the job effortlessly and within the length of duration that you have allotted for it. When it comes to finishing projects you need to be aware of the distinction between a finish nailer and brad nailer.

Summary Table

Brad Nailer Finish Nailer
Used to hammer nails into material Used to drive nails into material
Unnoticeable insertion point Insertion point is noticeable
Used in handicrafts, casing, and moldings Used in crown molding, baseboards, and cabinets

The intention of a finish nailer is to drive nails into hardwood. It is used for diverse purposes for instance hanging photographs, dangling shelves, fastening doors or cabinets to the wall, connecting trim and furnishing handles and so forth. If you are not an specialist at carpentry you can rely on a finish nailer to help you with your DIY projects. Then again a brad nailer is used for brad nails and it can furthermore be used for finishing designs.

These two divergent sorts of nailers have a number of dissimilarities. We shall be discussing the distinctions in particularize below so you can establish a fine choice between these two nailers. So let’s start.

What is a Brad Nailer?

This device is a nail gun that contains two pieces – the magazine and the tip apparatus. There are distinct types of brad nailers even so in common it can be used to push nails into timber or metal surfaces.

The magazine includes a nail cassette that is packed with pins. You can utilize a brad nailer to thrust nails into wooden, metallic or flexible substantials. The kind of matter through which the brad nailer can be used relies on the divergent varieties of brad nailers accessible in the shop this day.

Difference Between Brad Nailer and Finish Nailer

What is a Finish Nailer?

This is an air-motorized nail gun that can be exploited to propel nails into lumber matters. The tip tool will facilitate you in forming the opening in your stuff and then you can take advantage of these nails to stick things like racks, cupboards, entrances and so on. It comes in various sizes and each of which is intended to force nails into a specific extent of wood.

The tip gadget will assist you to make the puncture hole so as to insert the nail into it and later use it to attach belongings. This type of nailer is commonly used by professionals in view of the fact that it is very precise and it can push nails into a range of stuff. It will also facilitate you to complete your work on time.


How are They Related?

Two together the brad nailer and finish nailer are utilized for the same goal – adhering things to the wall. While you can benefit from brad nailers to attach bookshelves or sideboards to the wall you can use finish nailers to fasten matters like gates, drawers, windowpanes and the like.

So if you are a rookie with woodcraft and desire to try your hand at diverse kinds of designs then it is favoured that you obtain twosome of brad nailers and finish nailers. At the start it will be requisite for you to do some research concerning these devices and their applications so you can smoothly choose from them.

Another similitude is that both of them come in distinct dimensions. A finish nailer can be used to push nails into wood, metal or plastic substantials and you can select from several categories of finish nailers based on the work you are going to carry out.

The tip utensil is also remarkably influential for both brad nailer and finish nailer. The peak tool is used to make a puncture hole in your stuff and you can place the nails into it. This will help you to complete your work hastily. So with all these resemblances between brad nailer and finish nailer it is all right to say that both of them are extraordinarily productive devices that will assist you build your crafting projects more efficacious and rapid.

What are the Differences?

Both brad nailer and finish nailer are quite effectual utensils that will help you to finish your home improvement scheme promptly. Although there are approximately dissimilarities between brad nailer and finish nailer that will aid you make a virtuous selection.


Brad nailers are used to strike the nails into your stuff while finish nailers are used to push nails into the substance. Despite that both of these machines have their own objectives and they can be used for different kinds of plans.


The speed at which a brad nailer impel nails into your material hinge on the category of brad nailer that you are utilizing. Lesser ones like the 8-32 brad nailers have a better shoot and they will benefit you to make more holes.

A finish nailer is considerably quicker than a brad nailer and it will help you to end your task in a briefer span of duration. You can complete your labour in a shorter period if you use this nailer because its shoot is extremely great.


When you apply a brad nailer the tip apparatus will thrust nails into your matter and they will be driven forward by the brad nailer. The risk in using a brad nailer is that it can cause bruises if the tip instrument is not hand gripped accurately. For the purpose of evading any kind of injury you need to manage it with attention and caution.

The tip instrument for a finish nailer can be used to make the opening hence you can use the nails from the cartridge. You will not have to fear hurting yourself because this hole is made by you using the tip tool.


The value of brad nailers is frequently less pricey than that of finish nailers. Be that as it may you can purchase a pair of brad and finish nailers at the same time and use them for various objectives.

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