Difference Between EarPods and AirPods

By: | Updated: Oct-31, 2021
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Apple has released the new iPhone 12. The phone is not cheap, but it has some great features. One of the best features of the new iPhone 12 is the ability to make calls using wireless headphones. AirPods are Apple’s latest product that can be used to make calls with. However, not all people are comfortable with the idea of having AirPods in their ears when they are on a call. There are many alternatives available that can be used to make calls on an iPhone without having to use AirPods. One of the most popular options is using EarPods.

But, what is the difference between EarPods and AirPods? What are the benefits of using EarPods over AirPods? Are there any disadvantages of using EarPods? We will be addressing all these questions in this article.

Both have great features, but there are some differences between them. In this article, we will compare EarPods and AirPods so that you can choose which one is right for you. We will also discuss which headphones you should buy if you want to buy wireless headphones for your iPhone 12 or other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity.

Summary Table

EarPods AirPods
Rectangular design Elongated design
Have a flat sound Better sound quality
Cost about $39 Cost about $159

Difference Between EarPods and AirPods

What is an EarPod?

An EarPod is a headphone designed for the Apple iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity. It is made by Apple. It has a unique design that makes it very comfortable to wear. It uses the Lightning connector to connect to your device. It also has a microphone on it that allows you to take calls. The earpieces are made of plastic. They are sold in pairs, and each earpiece has an aluminum ring that supports the speaker grille. The Lightning connector is located on the bottom of the earpiece.

For iPhone users, EarPods are very important because they allow you to use your iPhone 7, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus as a wireless headset. This means that you can answer calls and take calls without having to touch your phone. This is because the earpiece can hear the voice of the person calling you, and it will transmit the sound to your earphones.

The design of EarPods makes them very comfortable to wear. They are made of plastic, but they are very light. They are very flexible, and you can easily bend them without them breaking.

What is an AirPod?

AirPods are wireless headphones from Apple that you can wear on your ears. They are designed to connect to your iPhone via Bluetooth and provide great sound quality. They have a unique design, and the design of the AirPods is similar to Apple’s earbuds. The EarPods come in white, black, blue, and red colors. The AirPods are the same size as EarPods but are lighter in weight. You can charge the AirPods by placing them in a case with a Lightning connector.

AirPods are great for listening to music, watching videos, and even for taking phone calls. The main benefit of AirPods is that they are wireless and will automatically turn on when you take them out of the case. You will not have to use the switch on your iPhone to turn on the AirPods. They will automatically connect to your iPhone. The AirPods are not connected to any cords, so you do not have to worry about cables or plugs.

How are They Related?

EarPods and AirPods are two Apple-branded wireless headphones that have become very popular. Although they are both wireless headphones, they have different design and function. But first, let’s take a look at the similarities between them.

They are wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity

Both of them are wireless headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. This means that they can connect to your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and other devices that support Bluetooth connectivity. In addition, both of them have an inline remote and microphone.

They have noise-canceling technology

Both of them have noise-canceling technology. This means that you can turn on the noise-canceling function when you need to cancel the surrounding noise. However, this function is not available for all Apple devices.

They have Siri integration

Both of them have Siri integration. This means that you can control Siri by using the AirPods or EarPods. Siri integration makes it easy to use the functions of the AirPods or EarPods.

They have a Bluetooth connection range of 30 feet

Both of them have a Bluetooth connection range of 30 feet. This means that you can move freely when you are wearing them.

They are lightweight and comfortable

Both of them are lightweight and comfortable. They are not heavy, so you can wear them for a long time without any discomfort.

What are the Differences?

EarPods and AirPods have some differences, which are summarized below:


EarPods and AirPods have the same design, but they are different in shape. The AirPods have an elongated design, while the EarPods have a rectangular shape. The AirPods are designed to fit in the ears better, while the EarPods are made to be comfortable for people who wear glasses. The AirPods are also available in different colors, including white, black, blue, and red.

Battery Life

EarPods and AirPods have different battery life. The EarPods can last up to 4 hours, while the AirPods can last up to 5 hours. The battery life of the AirPods is dependent on how you use them. For example, if you use them for a long time, they will not last as long as the EarPods. However, the AirPods can be recharged in a short time.

Sound Quality

EarPods and AirPods have different sound quality. The EarPods have a flat sound, while the AirPods have a clear and high-quality sound. The sound of the EarPods is not as good as the AirPods, but they are relatively cheap and good for everyday use.

Charging Case

EarPods and AirPods have different charging cases. The EarPods have a small case that can be attached to the cord, while the AirPods have a larger case that can be placed in your pocket. The AirPods case is easier to carry, but the EarPods case is more convenient for use.


EarPods and AirPods also have different prices. The EarPods cost about $39, while the AirPods cost about $159. The AirPods are more expensive than the EarPods, but they have a better sound quality and longer battery life.

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