Difference between Fallen Angels and Demons

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The Devil, Satan and his army of demons and fallen angels are the representatives of all that is evil in the Christian faith. People tend to think of them as a whole, as the antithesis of everything godly. But is there a difference between demons and fallen angels or is the generic approach the right one?

Summary Table

Fallen Angels Demons
Were created by God, just like the other angels Spirits of unknown origin
Created in the image of God, therefore look like men Are evil spirits, usually represented in paintings as a mix between a man and a goat
Tempt men to sin and try to win them over to Satan’s side Do more harm and inflict pain
Can walk on Earth among men Cannot be on Earth without possessing a body
Could find redemption Cannot be redeemed


statue of a fallen angel
A Madrid (Spain) statue of a fallen angel as he is falling, with the serpent wrapped around his feet, a symbol of his corruption.

Fallen angels are the angels said to have followed Lucifer in his rebellion against God, and consequently, in his demise. They are said to form the army of Satan, to live with him in Hell, and to do his dirty work in corrupting mankind in order to win over as many souls as possible. As they were once angels, fallen angels have a form and a gender, and they can walk on Earth among humans.

In Revelation 12, you can read about how Satan (the red dragon) took 1/3 of the stars of heaven (the angels) and cast them to earth.

Sometimes, fallen angels are called “sons of God” and are known as Satan’s ministers in the Bible.

In Genesis 6, the Bible says that the “sons of God” married women and had children with them. This is another reference to the fact that fallen angels can take physical form. Fallen angels also have the ability to transform and disguise themselves as angels of light (they can appear as representatives of God). In this way, fallen angels have the ability to deceive humans.

image of a Demon
An apocalyptic image of a Demon

Demons are evil spirits that can harm humans by possessing them. They can cause injuries and illnesses. All representations of demons are similar to what artists imagined Satan looked like, having a human-like form, hooves, horns and a tail. As they are more spirit than real entities, demons cannot be on Earth without possessing someone or something.

Demons are sometimes referred to as devils in the King James version of the Bible. They can gain control of the person they possess. In the Bible, you can read about the demons who inhabited the Maniac of Gadara in Luke 8:26-39. In this passage, Jesus approached a man who was possessed by a legion of demons. The demons recognized Christ and begged Him not to send them into the abyss.

Nearby was a herd of pigs who were feeding near a ledge. The demons begged Jesus to allow them to enter the pigs. They went into the pigs and left the man; the herd of pigs then jumped over the ledge and into the lake below and drowned. The man who had been possessed wanted to become a follower of Christ; however, Jesus told him to go back to his own home and started to preach about what God had done to him.

Fallen Angels vs Demons

Let’s see if we understand the difference between fallen angels and demons. There is a lot of confusion even in the texts and in old illustrations. However, there are some ideas on how the two are different.


Fallen angels were created by God, just like all the other angels. The origin of demons, on the other hand, is unclear. They simply appear in the text and they seem different from what is said about fallen angels. Most texts simply refer to them as being spirits without a body.

Relationship with Satan

As Lucifer challenged God and asked to be His equal, he was backed by some of the angels. In his demise, the followers of Lucifer were doomed to follow him in his banishment to Hell. As they became part of his army, their main goal was to win over souls by getting Man to sin. Devils are evil spirits that usually do more harm through possessions rather than spend their time corrupting souls.


Fallen angels, like regular angels, were created in the image of God. They look human and have a gender. They are also said to be beautiful. Demons, on the other hand, are always represented in paintings as having a human-like form but also hooves, horns and a tail, like a goat.

Presence among men

As they look just like men, fallen angels can walk the Earth and be the false prophets the Bible warns Christians about. Demons, on the other hand, being evil spirits, cannot exist on Earth without taking a body by possession.


While fallen angels have made it their mission to increase the numbers of Satan’s army and to tempt men into sin, demons are usually tricksters and accused of causing harm rather than having a clear role.


Some texts claim that it is possible, although difficult, for a fallen angel to get back into the glory of God. The same cannot be said about demons, which are inferior creatures of darkness.

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